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Issue #151 resolved

Mako 0.3.4 incompatible with App Engine due to markupsafe

created an issue

Until 0.3.3 Mako was compatible with appengine.

Then 0.3.4 came, and Mako is not compatible any more.

The solution: Don't assume markupsafe is installed. It markupsafe is not installed, just fall backwards to the original html escape code.


+try: + import markupsafe + def html_escape(string): + return markupsafe.escape(string) +except: + html_escape = legacy_html_escape


Comments (2)

  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    Need to know how setup.py should be modified. MarkupSafe is currently in the "install_requires" list. Do we want to construct "install_requires" ahead of time, using a conditional "detect_gae" switch to determine if MarkupSafe should be added? Or does GAE not use "install_requires" in its setup procedures ?

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