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Issue #164 resolved

add blocks

Michael Bayer
repo owner created an issue

pretty intuitive, the block is essentially just like a def except it invokes immediately.

<%block filter="w"> some text </%block>

is equivalent to:

<%def name="_anon_1()" filter="w"> some text </%def>${_anon_1()}

where "_anon_1" is generated, except that there is no "_anon_1" def which is "exported". Blocks are more private than top-level defs.

The block can of course have a name, which is generally for when inheritance is used. The rules then change a bit:

<%block name="header"> some text </%block>

is equivalent to, minus the top level def export:

<%def name="header()"> some text </%def>${self.header() if not hasattr(parent, 'header')}

i.e. named blocks exec off of self and only if the parent doesn't have such a block. That way, the bottommost template in an inheritance chain determines when a block of a certain name occurs, giving us the jinja2 system of inheritance:


<html> <head> <title> <%block name="title"> the homepage </%block> </title> <body> </body> </html>

index.mako: <%inherit file="base.mako"/> <%block name="title"> the index </%block>