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Apache/WSGI Integration

created an issue

I modified the run_wsgi.py file to work directly in Apache to enable PHP-style pages written in Mako. I don't want to offend the purists :), but there are times when full app stacks like Pylons or Django are just too much. For simple web pages with a little code in them, Mako works great all by itself.

Any file named *.mako in the web root of Apache runs as a Mako template. They can be anywhere in the web root.

The script is a fork of run_wsgi.py. I tried to make one file do both (Apache and built-in web server), but they were different enough environments that it made sense to separate them.

I've attached the script to this trouble ticket. If the developers find it useful, they are welcome to add it to the examples/ directory for other users to have.

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