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Issue #226 resolved

Installing mako as a wheel in Python 3.2 also installs markupsafe (which is not Python3.2 compatible)

created an issue

The lack of support for Python 3.2 markupsafe is worked around in setup.py:


...but this isn't accounted for in the latest mako wheel available on PyPI, which installs markupsafe in Python 3.2:


Comments (6)

  1. ryanpetrello reporter

    The trouble is that installing the wheel is what tox with the latest pip does by default. So in effect, a package that depends on mako will fail in tox in Python 3.2.

  2. Michael Bayer repo owner

    I am really done with .whl files, I've just deleted all the rest that I've put up everywhere. the original publication of them was misleading, and I've since gotten them to improve the discussion in that regard. Unless you have a native-only package and a buildfarm that will build every possible linux/OSX/windows combination, they are not terrifically usable.

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