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Issue #2 resolved

Import error during create_engine

Rasjid Wilcox
created an issue

When trying to create an engine using 'access://', I get an import error.

ImportError: cannot import name decimal

line 27 in pyodbc.py (from sqlalchemy.util.compat import decimal)

This is under sqlalchemy version 0.8.1 (on Windows of course).

Comments (3)

  1. Rasjid Wilcox reporter

    I have got the dialect to work by replacing

    from sqlalchemy.util.compat import decimal


    import decimal

    I am unclear whether this is the 'correct' solution since I'm not quite sure of the intent of the original line. The util.compat module says that it is to handle python version/platform incompatibilities, but since the decimal module has been present since python 2.4 and is not platform dependent, I can't see where that comes into play here.

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