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use a different col here to keep oracle happy

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 class ColumnEventsTest(fixtures.TestBase):
     def setup_class(cls):
         cls.metadata = MetaData()
             Column('x', sa.Integer, primary_key=True),
+            Column('y', sa.Integer),
         cls.related = Table(
             Column('q', sa.Integer, sa.ForeignKey('to_reflect.x')),
-        sa.Index("some_index", cls.to_reflect.c.x)
+        sa.Index("some_index", cls.to_reflect.c.y)
         def assertions(table):
             eq_(table.c.YXZ.name, "x")
             eq_(set(table.primary_key), set([table.c.YXZ]))
+        self._do_test(
+            "x", {"key": "YXZ"},
+            assertions
+        )
+    def test_override_index(self):
+        def assertions(table):
             idx = list(table.indexes)[0]
             eq_(idx.columns, [table.c.YXZ])
-            "x", {"key": "YXZ"},
+            "y", {"key": "YXZ"},
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