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more docs, should probably add quoted_name to all the inspector methods

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File doc/build/core/reflection.rst

     for table in reversed(meta.sorted_tables):
+.. _metadata_reflection_inspector:
 Fine Grained Reflection with Inspector
 .. autoclass:: sqlalchemy.engine.reflection.Inspector

File lib/sqlalchemy/engine/

             return self.dialect.get_table_names(conn, schema)
     def has_table(self, table_name, schema=None):
+        """Return True if the given backend has a table of the given name.
+        .. seealso::
+            :ref:`metadata_reflection_inspector` - detailed schema inspection using
+            the :class:`.Inspector` interface.
+            :class:`.quoted_name` - used to pass quoting information along
+            with a schema identifier.
+        """
         return self.run_callable(self.dialect.has_table, table_name, schema)
     def raw_connection(self):

File lib/sqlalchemy/sql/

     """Represent a SQL identifier combined with quoting preferences.
     :class:`.quoted_name` is a Python unicode/str subclass which
-    represents a particular identifier name at the same
-    time as a "quote" flag.  This "quote" flag, when set to
-    True or False, overrides all automatic quoting behavior
+    represents a particular identifier name along with a
+    ``quote`` flag.  This ``quote`` flag, when set to
+    ``True`` or ``False``, overrides automatic quoting behavior
     for this identifier in order to either unconditionally quote
-    or to not quote the name.
+    or to not quote the name.  If left at its default of ``None``,
+    quoting behavior is applied to the identifier on a per-backend basis
+    based on an examination of the token itself.
     A :class:`.quoted_name` object with ``quote=True`` is also
     prevented from being modified in the case of a so-called