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         included at the point at which they are passed to common schema constructs
         like :class:`.Table`, :class:`.Column`, etc.   This solves the issue
         of various methods that don't correctly honor the "quote" flag such
-        as :meth:`.Engine.has_table` and related methods.  The :class:`.quoted_identifier`
+        as :meth:`.Engine.has_table` and related methods.  The :class:`.quoted_name`
         object is a string subclass that can also be used explicitly if needed;
         the object will hold onto the quoting preferences passed and will
         also bypass the "name normalization" performed by dialects that
         The upshot is that the "uppercase" backends can now work with force-quoted
         names, such as lowercase-quoted names and new reserved words.
+        .. seealso::
+            :ref:`change_2812`
     .. change::
         :tags: feature, orm
         :tickets: 2793

File doc/build/changelog/migration_09.rst

+.. _change_2812:
 Schema identifiers now carry along their own quoting information