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- set sqla_nose as the setup.py test runner - works !

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 SQLAlchemy unit tests by default run using Python's built-in sqlite3 
 module.  If running on Python 2.4, pysqlite must be installed.
-Unit tests are run using nose.  Note that in most cases,
-nose needs to be installed manually.  Documentation and
-downloads for nose are available at:
+Unit tests are run using nose.  Nose is available at:
-Or using setuptools:
-    $ easy_install nose
+    http://pypi.python.org/pypi/nose/
 SQLAlchemy implements a nose plugin that must be present when tests are run.
 This plugin is invoked when the test runner script provided with
 SQLAlchemy is used.
 **NOTE:** - the nose plugin is no longer installed by setuptools as of 
-version 0.7 !  Please use sqla_nose.py to run tests.
+version 0.7 !  Use "python setup.py test" or "./sqla_nose.py".
+A plain vanilla run of all tests using sqlite can be run via setup.py:
+    $ python setup.py test
+The -v flag also works here:
+    $ python setup.py test -v
 To run all tests:
     $ ./sqla_nose.py
-(NOTE: if running with Python 2.7 and nose 0.11.3, add "-w test/" to the command.
-Again this is a Nose issue, see Nose issue 342.)
 If you're running the tests on Microsoft Windows, then there is an additional
 argument that must be passed to ./sqla_nose.py:

File setup.py

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       package_dir = {'':'lib'},
       license = "MIT License",
-      # TODO: this is nice, but Python 3 support ?
-      # any way to make it not install for build/install ?
-      #setup_requires=["setuptools_hg"],
       tests_require = ['nose >= 0.11'],
-      test_suite = "nose.collector",
+      test_suite = "sqla_nose",
       long_description = """\
 SQLAlchemy is:

File sqla_nose.py

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 import nose
-if __name__ == '__main__':
-    nose.main(addplugins=[NoseSQLAlchemy()])