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 To install:
 	python install
+SVN checkouts also inlcude setup.cfg file allowing setuptools to create 
+an svn-tagged build.  
+Documentation is available in HTML format in the ./doc/ directory.
+The "raw" format of the documentation is Markdown with a few extra syntaxes 
+added in; those files are present in ./doc/build/content/.
+To fully generate the documentation into both Myghty and HTML format:
+	cd ./doc/build/
+	python
+Information running unit tests is in README.unittests.	
 good luck !

File README.unittests

 To run unit tests (assuming unix-style commandline, adjust as needed for windows):
+Python 2.4 or greater is required since the unit tests use decorators.
 cd into the SQLAlchemy distribution directory.
 Set up the PYTHONPATH:
+tag_build = dev
+tag_svn_revision = true