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wording about supported dialects for Query.yield_per

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         loading, the full result for all rows is fetched which generally
         defeats the purpose of :meth:`~sqlalchemy.orm.query.Query.yield_per`.
-        Also note that many DBAPIs do not "stream" results, pre-buffering
-        all rows before making them available, including mysql-python and
-        psycopg2.  :meth:`~sqlalchemy.orm.query.Query.yield_per` will also
-        set the ``stream_results`` execution
-        option to ``True``, which currently is only understood by psycopg2
-        and causes server side cursors to be used.
+        Also note that while :meth:`~sqlalchemy.orm.query.Query.yield_per`
+        will set the ``stream_results`` execution option to True, currently
+        this is only understood by :mod:`~sqlalchemy.dialects.postgresql.psycopg2` dialect
+        which will stream results using server side cursors instead of pre-buffer
+        all rows for this query. Other DBAPIs pre-buffer all rows before
+        making them available.
         self._yield_per = count