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- add options to get back pk defaults for inserts.
times spent start getting barely different...

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 from . import loading
-def _bulk_insert(mapper, mappings, session_transaction, isstates):
+def _bulk_insert(
+        mapper, mappings, session_transaction, isstates, return_defaults):
     base_mapper = mapper.base_mapper
     cached_connections = _cached_connection_dict(base_mapper)
             "not supported in bulk_insert()")
     if isstates:
-        mappings = [state.dict for state in mappings]
+        if return_defaults:
+            states = [(state, state.dict) for state in mappings]
+            mappings = [dict_ for (state, dict_) in states]
+        else:
+            mappings = [state.dict for state in mappings]
         mappings = list(mappings)
         records = (
-            (None, None, params, super_mapper,
-                connection, value_params, True, True)
+            (None, state_dict, params, super_mapper,
+                connection, value_params, has_all_pks, has_all_defaults)
             state, state_dict, params, mp,
             conn, value_params, has_all_pks,
             has_all_defaults in _collect_insert_commands(table, (
                 (None, mapping, mapper, connection)
                 for mapping in mappings),
-                bulk=True
+                bulk=True, return_defaults=return_defaults
         _emit_insert_statements(base_mapper, None,
                                 super_mapper, table, records,
-                                bookkeeping=False)
+                                bookkeeping=return_defaults)
+    if return_defaults and isstates:
+        identity_cls = mapper._identity_class
+        identity_props = [p.key for p in mapper._identity_key_props]
+        for state, dict_ in states:
+            state.key = (
+                identity_cls,
+                tuple([dict_[key] for key in identity_props])
+            )
 def _bulk_update(mapper, mappings, session_transaction, isstates):
             state, dict_, mapper, connection, update_version_id)
-def _collect_insert_commands(table, states_to_insert, bulk=False):
+def _collect_insert_commands(
+        table, states_to_insert,
+        bulk=False, return_defaults=False):
     """Identify sets of values to use in INSERT statements for a
     list of states.
                 params[colkey] = None
+        if not bulk or return_defaults:
             has_all_pks = mapper._pk_keys_by_table[table].issubset(params)
             if mapper.base_mapper.eager_defaults:
         elif mapper.version_id_col is not None and \
                 mapper.version_id_generator is False:
-            prop = mapper._columntoproperty[mapper.version_id_col]
-            if prop.key in state.unloaded:
-                toload_now.extend([prop.key])
+            if mapper._version_id_prop.key in state.unloaded:
+                toload_now.extend([mapper._version_id_prop.key])
         if toload_now:
             state.key = base_mapper._identity_key_from_state(state)


             with util.safe_reraise():
-    def bulk_save_objects(self, objects):
+    def bulk_save_objects(self, objects, return_defaults=False):
         for (mapper, isupdate), states in itertools.groupby(
             (attributes.instance_state(obj) for obj in objects),
             lambda state: (state.mapper, state.key is not None)
-            self._bulk_save_mappings(mapper, states, isupdate, True)
+            self._bulk_save_mappings(
+                mapper, states, isupdate, True, return_defaults)
-    def bulk_insert_mappings(self, mapper, mappings):
-        self._bulk_save_mappings(mapper, mappings, False, False)
+    def bulk_insert_mappings(self, mapper, mappings, return_defaults=False):
+        self._bulk_save_mappings(mapper, mappings, False, False, return_defaults)
     def bulk_update_mappings(self, mapper, mappings):
-        self._bulk_save_mappings(mapper, mappings, True, False)
+        self._bulk_save_mappings(mapper, mappings, True, False, False)
-    def _bulk_save_mappings(self, mapper, mappings, isupdate, isstates):
+    def _bulk_save_mappings(
+            self, mapper, mappings, isupdate, isstates, return_defaults):
         mapper = _class_to_mapper(mapper)
         self._flushing = True
                     mapper, mappings, transaction, isstates)
-                    mapper, mappings, transaction, isstates)
+                    mapper, mappings, transaction, isstates, return_defaults)