Mike Bayer  committed cd8a402

- we dont actually need this unicode cast, on py3k + linux it seems the
has_table issues are OK. On OSX forget it.
- still some issues with PY3k + pyodbc + decimal values it doesn't expect, not sure

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File lib/sqlalchemy/dialects/mssql/

         return self.schema_name
-    def _unicode_cast(self, column):
-        if self.server_version_info >= MS_2005_VERSION:
-            return cast(column, NVARCHAR(_warn_on_bytestring=False))
-        else:
-            return column
     def has_table(self, connection, tablename, dbname, owner, schema):
         columns = ischema.columns
-        whereclause = self._unicode_cast(columns.c.table_name) == tablename
+        whereclause = columns.c.table_name == tablename
         if owner:
             whereclause = sql.and_(whereclause,

File lib/sqlalchemy/dialects/mssql/

 # TODO: should be using the sys. catalog with SQL Server, not information schema
 from ... import Table, MetaData, Column
-from ...types import String, Unicode, Integer, TypeDecorator
+from ...types import String, Unicode, UnicodeText, Integer, TypeDecorator
 from ... import cast
 from ... import util
 from ...sql import expression

File test/sql/

+    @testing.crashes("mssql+pyodbc",
+            "Pyodbc + SQL Server + Py3K, some decimal handling issue")
     def test_uppercase_inline_implicit(self):
         t =