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Issue #1368 resolved

Add Examples into the Test Suite

Michael Trier
created an issue

By exercising the Examples in the test suite we can help prevent them from getting outdated with the code base.

Comments (7)

  1. Michael Trier reporter

    Although not displayed in the diff this also adds init.py to all the examples directories. Note I'm also injection the sqlalchemy root into the python path when running the examples. If there's a better way to handle this let me know.

    By doing this I was able to correct several deprecated items. Additionally it highlights failing examples.

  2. Michael Bayer repo owner

    I think its great. not sure why the patch shows all those /dev/null filenames, but if you can get it committed (and does nose give us some more automatic way to do this ?) thats great with me. should we just wait til the nose merge to do it ? id put this in 0.6.

  3. Michael Trier reporter

    We'll have to investigate if nose could do this more automated, but I kind doubt it because they're not tests and we will still need them to be modules in order to find them. I'm sure some jek foo could make it work. I'll get it in 0.6.

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