PostgreSQL unit test fix and usage doc [with patch]

Issue #2175 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Saw several unit test failures on PostgreSQL, caused by two problems. The attached patch fixes one of them (probably architecture-dependent), and documents the other:

  1. test_arrays passed a float into a NUMERIC (arbitrary precision) column and then checked it against a Decimal, inviting floating point inaccuracy to affect the comparison. Failed on my machine and presumably passed on others, depending on the architecture's floating point implementation. The patch inserts a Decimal instead of a float.

  2. tests of match() depend on the database cluster's locale being English. The patch just documents this in README.unittests

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  1. Anonymous

    Could make them conditional on the locale, like some tests are conditionally skipped according to DB versions. Attaching an alternative patch that does this. (The README.unittests addition might then be superfluous.)

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