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Issue #2214 resolved

add backend specific names for sequences

Anonymous created an issue

we're getting a rash of folks who want to CREATE SEQUENCE with various special keywords:




use "oracle_MINVAL", "postgresql_NO_CACHE" as we do with table args (I didn't check that those are the correct backends).

Lookup CREATE SEQUENCE for PG, Oracle, Firebird, get all the keywords we might want.

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  1. Mike Bayer repo owner

    doesn't sound like a standard sequence feature (just had another weird one the other day) what platform is this ? DDL() is a workaround for now.

  2. Mike Bayer repo owner

    the work here in 0.9/1.0 days is to register these arguments with oracle.OracleDialect.construct_arguments, PG, etc. against Sequence and add them into the compilers for those backends.

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