mysqlconnector cannot override settings

Issue #2515 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

In the mysqlconnector, the default setting for raise_on_warnings is set after the url string settings are read. This prevents the user from overriding the default setting if necessary.

Users who do not have '?raise_on_warnings=False' or '?buffered=False' in their url string will not notice any difference.

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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner
    • Changed the default value of "raise_on_warnings" to False for MySQLconnector. This was set at True for some reason. The "buffered" flag unfortunately must stay at True as MySQLconnector does not allow a cursor to be closed unless all results are fully fetched. fixes #2515
    • lots of MySQL tests seemed to not be hitting all backends, so we should be getting some mysqlconnector failures now

    → <<cset 2b85e80d75f5>>

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