unittests fail with python-3.3beta1 for 0.7.8, 0.7-snap and 0.8-snap

Issue #2542 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Fedora 18 (hitting freeze in October) will ship with python3-3.3. We're getting ready for that by building against the python3-3.3beta1 to see what's broken. The SQLAlchemy 0.7.8 build failed its unittests.

Tested builds with the snapshots for 0.7-snap and 0.8-snap and had fewer failures but still weren't clean. I'll attach build output for each of these.

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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    somepackage.somemodule.<locals>.SomeClass, well look at that. The kind of improvement nobody needs eh ? :) those tests should just be loosened up to not compare that exactly. then there's one weird conjunction switch, and then as usual the function call count tests, and those are the real PITA since they change on every platform.

    For that last one, I think I might try googling for an approach that will report a consistent callcount across platforms since I'm super-tired of dealing with those tests.

  2. Michael Bayer repo owner

    OK after trying two completely opposite techniques, I have an approach for those "callcount" tests that will resolve the issue for 3.3 - basically the profiling results are maintained in a datafile, and if no values are available for compare on a particular platform, it will be skipped. I'll be merging this to 0.7 soon but if you try 0.8 right now, all the profiling tests should be skipped because "3.3" won't be in the profiling file. The tests which look for "<locals>" I still have to do something with.

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