Issue #2961 resolved

test suite can't run with fdb

Michael Bayer
repo owner created an issue

this is an external issue for the moment, as fdb seems to have some very difficult locking behavior. Here, we will monitor for a response and see if it's either a bug on their end, or if there's something we need to do on ours.

basically any test that runs SQL with a different engine than the testing.db (or just a different connection) will hang:

classic$ ./ -v test.dialect.test_suite:InsertBehaviorTest.test_autocloson_insert --dburi firebird+kinterbasdb://sysdba:masterkey@localhost//Users/classic/foo.fdb -s  
test.dialect.test_suite.InsertBehaviorTest.test_autoclose_on_insert ... ok

Ran 1 test in 0.097s


classic$ ./ -v test.dialect.test_suite:InsertBehaviorTest.test_autocloson_insert --dburi firebird+fdb://sysdba:masterkey@localhost//Users/classic/foo.fdb -s                               
test.dialect.test_suite.InsertBehaviorTest.test_autoclose_on_insert ... ok

in this particular test the reason is because we create a "testing_engine" with its own connection pool in order to run an INSERT statement. Because this engine is distinct from the testing.db, two connections are created, and unless the "testing engine" has dispose() called before teardown, the tables can't be dropped.

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