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Sandeep Shantharam
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The Views Wiki Page -

Its Outdated and Confusing for the following things;

  • "execute_at" is deprecated since 0.7
  • Primary Keys need to be defined as of now for views with mapper_args
     __mapper_args__ = { 'primary_key':[stuff_view.c.count] }

P.S. There is no proper understanding of how to define and write "Views".

P.P.S There is no proper documentation to understand "selectables"

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  1. Sandeep Shantharam reporter

    Sure Mike, I was somehow able to complete the tasks. As a beginner, Its really confusing - how to include the event listeners in the project workflow. I have implemented a raw sql solution for VIEWS, hopefully I can understand the selectables better. Would really appreciate, if you have any additional documentation for "Selectables".

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