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nibrahim nibrahim
zzzeek zzzeek

Implements tsvector type for the postgresql dialect.

  1. Noufal Ibrahim

This is a pull request based on some work that I did implementing the postgresql full text search type tsvector. I took my UserDefinedType and converted into something in the core based on your suggestions here http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.python.sqlalchemy.user/36322/focus=36323

I've also added some documentation on the type. I'm not sure it's production ready yet so this is more of a "review request" than a PR.

I'd be glad to incorporate any feedback you have so that this can go into upstream.

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Comments (7)

  1. Mike Bayer repo owner

    looks great! very rudimental at this point, would be fine for inclusion as is and we can add new things to it as needed. next step would be a little bit of test coverage in test/dialect/postgresql/test_types.py

  2. Noufal Ibrahim author

    I've included tsvector in the list of types tested and found that reflection didn't work. I've fixed that. There are no tests for the expression level routines yet though. Do you think it's good enough to put in or should I work on those first?