Automatic Contiuous Integration tests on Pull Requests

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Would make it easier to judge if a PR can be merged. Personally I prefer CircleCI, but it doesn't work for Bitbucket. seems to be integrated with both bitbucket and github. Preferably this would also work with the github mirror.

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  1. Michael Bayer repo owner

    lets continue this on the mailing list where it would get a lot more attention. feel free to quote my comments:

    we have our own CI at I was running the github PR integration for a while and didn't find it to be that useful; running it automatically is a huge security hazard, and then most of our PRs would be untested; PRs that are against new dialects, PRs against dialects that aren't run in the test suite, PRs against documentation. Also I'd vastly prefer to turn off Bitbucket PRs and just use Github but BB offers no way to do this; only when / after I transition to an entirely new issue platform off BB such as phabricator would that aspect be feasible. I didn't see a jenkins plugin for BB at that time.

    all of that said, if hooking up github PRs to some magical CI system that doesn't have the security issues, we can explore those options on the mailing list. but short answer, for the kinds of PRs SQLA gets I didn't find it to be that useful.

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