This is zzzeek's fork of the amazing and as of 2018 unmaintained Blogofile, the static website compiler written by Ryan McGuire for Mako and Jinja2 templates.

The fork exists because my websites and were built on blogofile 0.7.1, and I seek to have a tool that will continue to be able to build these sites going forward including when Python 2.7 is no longer maintained. Blogofile achieved Python 3 support within the 0.8 series, however my sites don't work with the 0.8 architecture and additionally it can't currently be installed due to dependencies that are no longer available on Pypi (textile==2.1.4 for one).

The general idea of Blogofile is amazingly simple and flexible. This fork attempts to make it even simpler, keep Python 3 support going, remove dependencies that are becoming unavailable, and do only what's needed for my own sites. Additionally it merges my "blogodev" command that allows one to keep the development server running while altering files.

Should the mainline of Blogofile become again maintained, I will enthusiastically port my sites to the new architecture. For now, I need a Python 3 compatible tool that I can maintain.