100% width/heigh with viewBox not displayed

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Issue #77 resolved
Immo Schulz-Gerlach created an issue

Since updating to 1.2.10 Gapplin (the application as well as QuickLook or file icons) only show a blank canvas for SVGs with a viewBox attribute defined and width and height attributes set to 100%.
When removing the width and height attributes, Gapplin shows the graphic again (scaling to fit into the window). When setting width and height attributes to absolute values (in case of viewBox="0 0 x y" setting width="x" and height="y", substituting x and y with actual values) Gapplin also displays the image (now with fixed size).
I'd expect Gapplin to behave exactly the same (fixed size) when setting the 100% values, and as far as I remember, it did work with older versions.

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