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Minutes Webex 19 July 2013, 6TSCH group

Note: timestamps in PDT.

Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Raghuram Sudhaakar

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Alfredo Grieco
  2. Guillaume Gaillard
  3. Maria Rita Palattella
  4. Pascal Thubert
  5. Pouria Zand
  6. Qin Wang
  7. Raghuram Sudhaakar
  8. Thomas Watteyne
  9. Tom Phinney




  • Administrivia [2min]
    • Taking notes?
    • Call for approval minutes last meeting
    • Agenda bashing
    • Action items last call
  • BoF Updates [7min]
    • repository cleanup
    • BoF agenda & material
    • pre-BoF meeting: Tuesday 09.30-11.15, Tegel
    • BoF Agenda
  • Charter discussion [20min]
  • Walk-through slides Berlin [30min]
  • AOB [1min]


  • [08.00] Meeting starts
    • Pascal introduces changes to Berlin presenters and draft agenda assignments.
  • [08.04] Administrivia
    • Call for approval minutes last meeting

      No objections. Minutes approved.

    • Agenda bashing

      No changes asked. Agenda approved.

    • Action items last call
      • Thomas goes over the action items from last call. All are done, one "in progress".
  • [08.06] BoF Updates
    • repository cleanup
      • All repositories have been cleaned up: wiki page added, version bumped, tag created for last version.
    • BoF agenda & material
    • pre-BoF meeting:
      • previous pre-BoF meeting date collided with plenary, not a good idea.
      • second-best vote picked from vote in poll
      • pre-BoF meeting will be Tuesday 09.30-11.15, room Tegel.
    • Thomas proposes changes to the agenda assignments. Everyone accepts.
    • BoF Agenda
      • Thomas presents agenda that was published publicly, we can still change untin Monday
      • Thomas presents changes to the agenda:
        • presenter work items is Raghuram
        • draft-tsch merged with 1a. To be presented by Maria Rita (primary) and Thomas (secondary)
        • New agenda approved?

          No objections. New agenda approved. Action Item: Thomas to publish new agenda.

  • [08.13] Charter discussion
    • Pascal presents charter slides. Explains description of working group.
    • Charter slides discussed. Changes to be worked out offline.
    • Agreed that presenters will read inline text for benefit of audience.
    • Action item: Pascal to start discussion on work item 2, which is too big a scope for group. We should keep it as "requirements" in this version of the charter.
  • [08.32] Walk-through slides Berlin
    • Thomas goes over slides for 1a.
    • Alfredo discusses slides for 1c.

      Thomas edits slides "live".

    • Thomas presents slides for slot 1d and transition into Pascal's slides
    • Pascal presents slides for draft-thubert-6tsch-architecture.
    • Run through of slides for slot 2
    • Pascal identifies we are not in position to do PCE work. Charter will be changed.
  • [08.59] AOB
    • Work items to be discussed over webex.
  • [09.03] Meeting ends