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Minutes Webex 15 November 2013, 6TiSCH WG

Note: timestamps in PST.

Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Xavi Vilajosana
  2. Pascal Thubert
  3. Thomas Watteyne

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Diego Dujovne
  2. Elvis Vogli
  3. Giuseppe Piro
  4. Guillaume Gaillard
  5. Maria Rita Palattella
  6. Pascal Thubert
  7. Patrick Wetterwald
  8. Penny Chen
  9. Pouria Zand
  10. Qin Wang
  11. Raghuram Sudhaakar
  12. Rouhollah Nabati
  13. Thomas Watteyne
  14. Tina Tsou
  15. Xavi Vilajosana



Action Items

  • Thomas to create place for sharing 6TiSCH-related slideware and list presentations/publications.
  • Thomas to send link to Vancouver summary to 6TiSCH ML.
  • Thomas to upload draft minutes to IETF88 minutes.
  • Qin to give a talk next Friday about how easy and extensive is to map 15.4e to 6top.
  • Thomas to send details about coman ML to 6TiSCH ML.
  • Chairs to coordinate with authors to resubmit drafts as WG documents.


  • Administrivia [2min]
    • Approval agenda
    • Presentations about 6TiSCH
  • IETF88 Vancouver meeting [20min]
    • (amended) agenda
    • official summary
    • adoption minutes
    • 6top reorganization
    • coordination with 6lo/NETCONF
  • Adoption WG documents [5min]
    • draft-palattella-6tisch-terminology-00
    • draft-watteyne-6tisch-tsch-00
    • draft-thubert-6tisch-architecture-01
    • draft-vilajosana-6tisch-minimal-00
  • update IEEE meeting [10min]
  • Slot Allocation Principles [20min]
  • AOB [1min]


  • [08.05] Meeting starts > Thomas covers IPR note well, and indicates call recorded. Presents agenda for today
  • Administrivia
    • Approval agenda

      No issues are raised. Agenda approved.

    • Presentations about 6TiSCH
      • Thomas proposes to have a folder in the meetings repo to store/share slideware that we present around 6TiSCH.

        Action item: Thomas to create place for sharing 6TiSCH-related slideware and list presentations/publications.

      • Diego presented in Argentina a week before the Vancouver meeting to the Nacional Universidad of Cordoba. General introduction about IEEE802.15.4, IEEE802.15.4e, 6LoWPAN, 6TiSCH, OTF.
      • [Maria Rita] Slides on 6TiSCH presented at esIoT can be moved to there, too. Are now hard to find.
      • [Thomas] Will do.
      • [Xavi] Presented 6TiSCH at gogoNET yesterday. Lots of good feedback, probably online video with many views. Agrees on sharing the slides.
  • IETF88 Vancouver meeting (20min)
    • (amended) agenda
      • Thomas acknowledges Dominique's excellent presenttation on the coverage and gap analysis.
    • Summary
      • 40-50 people attended meeting?
      • Summary sent to to IESG.

        Action item: Thomas to send link to Vancouver summary to 6TiSCH ML.

      • Remark fro Mehmet Ersue and Emmanual Baccelli: work at NETCONF similar to our work on CoAP also 6lo. We should converge on a common solution to monitor and manage LLNs
      • Yoshihiro Ohba presented the security draft.
      • Some discussion about OTF scheduling.
      • [Xavi] Carsten Bormann commented about the focus on data model and information model that the interface should be described in a more formal way. This fits our plan to use YANG.
    • adoption minutes
      • Draft minutes of Vancouver meeting sent to ML. Call for adoption in the call.

        No issues raised. Draft minutes approved.

      • Need to upload draft minutes into IETF88 proceedings,

        Action item: Thomas to upload draft minutes to IETF88 minutes.

    • 6top reorganization
      • Pascal presents the draft organization today. Indicates the blocks of each draft.
      • A suggestion has been done to focus the 6top draft to the interface (in english) and also the data model:
      • interactions, options, etc. stay in CoAP draft.
      • remainder of the components are not chartered, so we will keep them in another document (personal I-D submission for now).
      • Qin proposed a re-organization of the 6top work in a private e-mail. Interaction of 15.4e and 6top has to be specified in detail.
      • Proposed re-organization that fits Qin's proposal.
      • Block diagram organization (from generic -- top -- to more specific -- bottom -- of the diagram) not related to any layered organization
      • Pascal indicates that the idea is that the mapping progresses as a personal submission and will become RFC later.
      • Thomas insists that all pieces are equally important, just sequenced in time.
      • [Qin] interface of 6top has to be mapped very precisely to IEEE802.15.4e MLME.
      • [Thomas] If we choose to cut the draft in 2 or 3: potentially all of them will become RFCs, this means that we are not trying to split things to reduce precision, but just for organization.
      • [Thomas] Should we add the mapping of 6top to TSCH MLME to the 6top draft?
      • [Thomas] Using the same document, enables a more complete definition (implementable) but the scope can be too wide.
      • [Xavi] what is the value if we do not have the mapping. 6top is not implementable without the mapping.
      • [Pascal] Having the interface can be a first step and enables us to re-charter and then focus to the lower mapping. Of course is necessary but separating enables better organization.
      • [Pascal] We need to start the mapping document now, and put as much info as we have there but then the completeness can be achieved on a longer time scale.

        Action item: Qin to give a talk next Friday about how easy and extensive is to map 15.4e to 6top.

    • coordination with 6lo/NETCONF
      • Monitoring and management is not a problem specific to 6TiSCH at all, even in LLN space.
      • 6lo has a draft on using SNMP to read counters.
      • 6TiSCH has a draft involving the use of YANG and CoAP.
      • NETCONF has a draft called RESTCONF: a restful version of NETCONF, which uses HTTP to configure and retrieve YANG-based information.
      • Talk with them and proposed/asked to have a CoAP version of RESTCONF. This is beyond 6TiSCH. We agreed that this effort might fit to what we are doing. 6lo will write the requirements. RESTCONF authors will work on the reduced/coap definition.
      • [Raghuram] We should follow up, please indicate coman mailing list.

        Action item: Thomas to send details about coman ML to 6TiSCH ML.

  • Adoption WG documents
    • The adoption of the following drafts as WG documents was proposed in Vancouver:
      • draft-palattella-6tisch-terminology-00
      • draft-watteyne-6tisch-tsch-00
      • draft-thubert-6tisch-architecture-01
      • draft-vilajosana-6tisch-minimal-00
    • Any issues to adopting them on this call?

      No issues raised.

    • Today is deadline for raising issues on the ML

      Action items: chairs to coordinate with authors to resubmit drafts as WG documents.

  • update IEEE meeting (10min)
    • Pascal attended 802.1 TSN meeting. Norman Finn proposed interesting approach for L2 to snoop RSVP packets.
    • Interest in agreeing on a L3 interaction so we can make use of underlying technology.
    • the slides will be published and give feedback on the ML.
    • [Thomas] Is there a pointer to look how RSVP is integrated on that L2.
    • [Pascal] The model is to use mac addresses in the rsvp packets.
    • [Thomas] One very important point in effort to coordinate with IEEE. The IEEE is considering changing the rules for IE idenfifiers. They are considering removing the unmanaged space of IE identifiers. This is very dangerous for 6TiSCH work, which uses unmanaged space. Wihout it, IEEE802.15.4e will loose a lot of its flexibility and the 6TiSCH WG will not be able to use different IEs.
    • PLC networks (IEEE 1901) is also adopting 15.4 headers, and e MAC layer as well.
  • [08.57] Slot Allocation Principles
    • [Pascal] We need more time for this topic, lets move it to another slot with more time.
    • Same slides as presented in Vancouver. Very important work, lots of feedback.
    • cEncourage people working on OTF to move forward and align with the presentation.
    • [Maria Rita] Suggest to set this at the beginning of the next week and have the discussion then.
    • [Thomas] Agreed.
    • [Pascal] Ted Lemon pointed out that we got good meeting and good presentations.
  • [09.02] AOB

    No other business raised.

  • [09.02] Meeting ends