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meetings / 140110_webex

Minutes Webex 10 January 2014, 6TiSCH WG

Note: timestamps in PST.

Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Xavi Vilajosana
  2. Dominique Barthel
  3. Pascal Thubert
  4. Thomas Watteyne

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Bert Greevenbosch
  2. Diego Dujovne
  3. Dominique Barthel
  4. Geraldine Texier
  5. Giuseppe Piro
  6. Guillaume Gaillard
  7. Herman Storey
  8. Ines Robles
  9. Kuor Hsin Chang
  10. Maria Rita Palattella
  11. Michael Richardson
  12. Nicola Accettura
  13. Pascal Thubert
  14. Pat Kinney
  15. Paul Duffy
  16. Peter van der Stock
  17. Pouria Zand
  18. Qin Wang
  19. Raghuram Sudhaakar
  20. Rouhollah Nabati
  21. Thomas Watteyne
  22. Xavi Vilajosana



Action Items

  • Pascal to contact Ted to update milestones.
  • Thomas to confirm nomination of Xavi as plugfest chair on ML.
  • Michael to ask question about relationship draft-ietf-roll-industrial-applicability to 6TiSCH on 6TiSCH ML.


  • Administrivia [4min]
    • Approval agenda
    • Approval minutes last call
    • Milestones
    • IETF89 important dates
  • draft-vanderstok-core-comi-02.txt [20min]
  • 6top MIB [20min]
  • plugfest [10min]
  • AOB [1min]


  • [08.05] Meeting starts
  • [08.06] Administrivia
    • Approval agenda

      No issues raised. Agenda approved.

    • Approval minutes last call

      No issues raised. Minutes approved.

    • Milestones
      • Reminder of the milestones
        • 12/2013 - WG to adopt 6TiSCH terminology
        • 12/2013 - WG to adopt IEEE802.15.4e TSCH overview
        • 12/2013 - WG to adopt 6TiSCH architecture
        • 12/2013 - WG to adopt 6TiSCH minimal configuration
        • 04/2014 - WG to adopt 6top draft(s)
        • 04/2014 - WG to adopt 6TiSCH data model for CoAP
        • 08/2014 - Submit YANG data model in 6top draft for preliminary OPSDIR review
        • 08/2014 - Submit 6TiSCH architecture for preliminary SECDIR review
        • 11/2014 - Submit first draft of 6TiSCH minimal configuration to the IESG
        • 11/2014 - Submit first draft of 6top draft(s) to the IESG
        • 11/2014 - Submit first draft of 6TiSCH data model for CoAP to the IESG
        • 12/2014 - Submit first draft of 6TiSCH terminology to the IESG
        • 12/2014 - Submit first draft of 6TiSCH architecture to the IESG
        • 12/2014 - Evaluate WG progress, propose new charter to the IESG
        • 06/2015 - 6TiSCH Minimal and 6top draft(s) in RFC publication queue
        • 12/2015 - 6TiSCH architecture and terminology in RFC publication queue
      • Milestones unchanged since mid December

        Action item: Pascal to contact Ted to update milestones.

    • IETF89
  • [08.08] draft-vanderstok-core-comi-02
    • Bert Greevenbosch presents the draft:
      • CoMI is a lightweight alternative to SNMP
      • Maintains SNMP SMI but add new mechanism for R/W variables
      • Removes the need to have both SNMP and CoAP implemented in the same device
      • Maintains SNMP SMI knowledge base
      • Re-uses MIB definitions
      • Similar aspects to CoAP: Request/Response
      • Uses Descriptors instead of OIDs as YANG
      • Links between descriptors and OIDs made in CoAP link formats
      • Tables are sent in their completeness; small tables more appropriate
      • CoMI uses CBOR, but JSON in description
      • Conversion between JSON and MIB might be done using YANG.
      • CoAP GET to read
      • CoAP PUT to write
      • Uses Observe mechanism to monitor parameter.
      • CBOR Encoding, translation table to map descriptor-id and value, in that way CBOR produces more efficient code as descriptor id is single-byte integer.
    • Discussion
      • [Thomas] Some context. 6TISCH defines 6top sublayer. 6top has an MIB and we want to find a mechanism to access and configure this management interface. The 6top MIB is being defined in YANG.
      • [Thomas] About translation table. Is it possible for the manager and managed device to agree on the translation table a priori, rather than having to GET it?
      • [Bert] The translation table can be communicated. It is separated from the SMI.
      • [Thomas] Do you see any parallelism between Netconf/Restconf and CoMI?
      • [Bert] Netconf implementation has a complex definition of messages.
      • [Thomas] We are defining the 6top sublayer using YANG. There is a need on our side to have a constrained version of a transport/management protocol that can deal with YANG. RESTCONF is REST but based on HTTP/TCP. CoMI is not YANG. None is a perfect fit as is. Could CoMI be used to deal with YANG based MIB?
      • [Peter] Why not use YANG to JSON/CBOR conversion and use CoMI and revert it at reception?
  • [08.39] 6top MIB
    • Qin has trouble connecting, asks Xavi to assist in giving an update.
    • Set of 12 tables summarize management information for 6top. Xavi focusses on elements with discussions on.
    • 15.4 MAC address length
      • [Pascal] Usually not interested in short address. Suggestion to have all: 48 bit, PAN-ID and short address.
      • [Thomas] Depending on network, combination of the above. Recommends a generic container that is not tied to a specific address format.
    • link quality
      • [Pat] Both RSSI and LinkQuality are vendor specific, not calibrated. Would still keep them, because 15.4 specification is in process of making them less vendor-specific
      • [Thomas] What's the valid range for LQI?
      • [Pat] Unknown yet but one byte should be sufficient. For example, in DSSS, can reporesent how many chips per bit were received successfully.
      • [Pat] 802.15.4 task group working on IEEE802.15.4-2014 specification. Open to suggestions.
      • [Thomas] Suggests leave that the RSSI and LQI fields.
  • [08.58] plugfest
    • Thomas announces that we wish to have an event in London with hands-on focus. Idea is a plugfest. Announcement would be sent to the ML and define what we want to achieve.
    • Date TBD since we need to ask for a room (TBD as well)
    • 3 angles:
      • interoperation on the Minimum draft (star, multihop, modified schedule)
      • demonstration
      • tools around 6TiSCH (e.g. sniffers, packet analysis tools, simulation platforms)
    • Thomas calls for volunteer to serve as plugfest chair
      • [Xavi] I volunteer.
    • Thomas calls for objections to Xavi serving as plugfest chair

      No objection on the call.

    • Next steps:
      • Finalization of plugfest call
      • Requesting IETF for room
      • Promoting call

        Action item: Thomas to confirm nomination of Xavi as plugfest chair on ML.

  • [09.07] AOB
    • [Michael] about draft-ietf-roll-industrial-applicability and relationship with 6TiSCH. Different options:
      • Publish the document as it is (waste of IETF time?)
      • Push it and refer to 6TiSCH WG.
      • Result of the document is 6TiSCH WG. All 6TiSCH WG docs will replace the industry applicability statement.
    • [Pascal] Move this question to the ML. Agrees that point 3 is interesting.

      Action item: Michael to ask question about relationship draft-ietf-roll-industrial-applicability to 6TiSCH on 6TiSCH ML.

  • [09.11] Meeting ends