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meetings / 140127_webex_security

Minutes Webex 27 January 2014, 6TiSCH Security Task Force

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Jonathan Simon
  2. Maik Seewald
  3. Michael Richardson
  4. Pascal Thubert
  5. Paul Duffy
  6. Rene Struik
  7. Subir Das
  8. Thomas Watteyne
  9. Yoshihiro Ohba



  • Cisco not supporting layer-3 techniques for authentication, prefers layer-2 approaches.
  • three different security domains
    • mesh itself.... could be rekeyed using trust #2.
    • trust relationship between mote and PCE.
    • node generates sensor data and sends it to some other place.... "DTLS"
  • Paul Duffy to send more information about ZigBee Certificate Profile to participants.