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Minutes Webex 07 February 2014, 6TiSCH WG

Note: timestamps in PST.

Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Xavi Vilajosana
  2. Pascal Thubert
  3. Dominique Barthel
  4. Thomas Watteyne

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Dominique Barthel
  2. Giuseppe Piro
  3. Guillaume Gaillard
  4. Kuor Hsin Chang
  5. Maria Rita Palattella
  6. Michael Behringer
  7. Nicola Accettura
  8. Pascal Thubert
  9. Pat Kinney
  10. Paul Duffy
  11. Pouria Zand
  12. Qin Wang
  13. Rouhollah Nabati
  14. Sedat Gormus
  15. Thomas Watteyne
  16. Xavi Vilajosana
  17. Yoshihiro Ohba



Action Items

  • Thomas to create scratchpad on the wiki for the agenda.
  • all to work through ML for finalizing the drafts before the cut-off date, since there will be very little time left after next week's call to submit the drafts.


  • Administrivia [4min]
    • Approval agenda
    • Approval minutes last call
  • Candidates for WG agenda items, assign slots in next calls [10min]
  • Status of the plugfest [Xavi Vilajosana] [5min]
  • More on 6top interface vs. glue, dynamic view R/W vs. READ [Qin Wang] [20min]
  • new on terminology [Maria-Rita Palattella] [5min]
  • indus applicability statement status [Michael Richardson] [5min]
  • Summary of the security call [Michael Richardson || Rene Struik] [5min]
  • IEEE refresher [Pat Kinney] [5min]
  • use cases and ToS bits [Pascal Thubert] [time permitting]
  • AOB [1min]


  • [08.05] Meeting starts
    • Pascal presents agenda.
  • [08.06] Administrivia [4min]
    • Approval agenda
      • [Thomas] Plugfest update discussed first to allow Xavi to leave a bit earlier?
      • [Pascal] Sure.
    • Approval minutes last call

      No issues raised. Minutes approved.

  • Status of the plugfest [Xavi Vilajosana] [5min]
    • Xavi today is the first synchronization point for plufest participants.
    • E-mail posted to ML.
    • Questions asked about room size and range for multihop networking.
    • Pascal announced that he will present a BBR functionality.
    • [Thomas] Linear Technology will participate with a demonstration of a SmartMesh IP mesh connecting to the Cisco device described by Pascal.
    • Cisco devices will defend the addresses of the devices over the ethernet fabric
    • Xavi suggests that a similar demo could be done through a similar configuration with an intermediate PC board, to be investigated
    • Next sync point in 2 weeks. From there an agenda will be defined.
    • [Thomas] Plugfest not formally scheduled yet. Requested as an additional meeting, which is normally scheduled after the final agenda is published. Ted is helping a lot in getting the plugfest scheduled. Thomas will update ML as soon as more information, hopefully in the next couple of days.
  • Updates on IETF89
    • 6TiSCH meeting scheduled Thursday Afternoon Session I, 1300-1500 (tentative)
    • Scheduling plugfest ongoing
    • 2014-02-07 (Friday): Final agenda to be published.
    • 2014-02-14 (Friday): Internet Draft submission cut-off (for all drafts, including -00) by UTC 23:59, upload using IETF ID Submission Tool.
  • Candidates for WG agenda items, assign slots in next calls [10min]
    • [Pascal] Will make update to architecture draft (to be discussed on ML).
    • [Pascal] We might want to present a couple of slides on the different notions in the 6TiSCH WG.
    • [Maria Rita] New version OTF before London.
    • [Michael Behringer] Could discuss about security approach and zero-touch is interesting (overview and discussion)
    • [Pascal] Very interesting. More generally, security might be discussed.
    • [Pascal] Security is an important topic. We have formed an ad-hoc design team which meets every Monday. Hopefully progress report presented during WG meeting. Even if no architecture draft, but update from Michael Richardson and/or Rene Struik.
    • [Xavi] What format for sessions about security?
    • [Pascal] 10-15min on feedback of what the security design team is doing. Then by next IETF meeting, architecture document for security. Multiple WGs in security relevant to IoT devices (ACE, DICE, SACM).
    • [Xavi] Can present minimal and/or work on 6top interface. Lots of things to talk about about.
    • [Thomas] Maybe the presentation on the minimal draft could be in fact part of the plugfest report.
    • [Maria Rita] Agreed.

      Action item: Thomas to create scratchpad on the wiki for the agenda.

  • [08.28] More on 6top interface vs. glue, dynamic view R/W vs. READ [Qin] [20min]
    • ML discussion on content of draft.
    • Different approaches; # Only YANG # YANG plus commands, implementation related # YANG plus glue text on how YANG translate into commands.
    • Suggestion: most YANG resources map one-to-one to 6top commands. There are exeception, e.g. create hard cell from chunk requires changing 2 things so direct mapping does not work in tis case.
    • Next discussion on how to express "read-only" vs. "read-write" resources. In YANG, "config" attribute can be used to indicate whether modifiable resource (config=true) or not (config=false).
    • Other question: troubleshooting. No answer yet, maybe through CoAP observe pattern.
    • [Thomas] The strength of YANG is that it can be transformed into many protocols and the draft inherits that genericity. The draft could provide mapping example rules but should not lose genericity.
    • [Qin] In the case of MIB they also have an access protocol. If we provide only YANG we are missing tho ther part
    • [Thomas] yes, and NETCONF is usually the protocol used in conjunction with YANG. But RESTconf can also be used. Subsequent drafts will instantiate for restconf etc.
    • [Pascal] The CoAP draft by Pouria and Raghuram is another candidate for a protocol used to access the resources defines in the YANG model.
    • [Qin] We need to work out these detailed before the draft submission cut-off date.
  • [08.40] new on terminology [Maria-Rita Palattella] [5min]
    • In December, discussions on ML about terms including the new concept of chunk.
    • "Cell" was split in smaller simple definitions for terms and verbs.
    • Maria Rita made thse changes in the draft.
    • Still 2 remaining issues.
      • Is a cell a single element in the schedule or in the slotframe? Our definitions are a a bit contradictory since multiple slotframes can coexist in a schedule. A cell should not depend on a slotframe so it should be a schedule component.
        • [Thomas] +1.
      • We have a bit of an abuse of language between the terms cell and unit of transmission. Which one to use?
        • [Thomas] Cell related more to nature, and unit of transmission to function.
        • [Pascal] We should simply use both to be clean.
    • [Maria Rita] Will have new version by the cut-off date
  • [08.??] indus applicability statement status [Michael Richardson] [5min]

    Michael Richardson is not part of the call, so this issue is pushed to a future call.

  • [08.??] Summary of the security call [Michael Richardson || Rene Struik] [5mn]
    • [Pascal] security task force met through webex on Monday. 7 participants. Recording and attendance on wiki


    • [Pascal] Should we ask Michael Richardson to present summary of security discussion at this call?
      • [Dominique] Yes.
      • [Thomas] Yes.
    • [Pascal] OK, noted.
  • [08.??] IEEE refresh
    • [Pat] presents slides sent to ML


    • Frame ID extensions
      • Frame ID 0b111 indicates "extended frame ID"
      • IEEE IE 802.15 will manage assignments of extension ID to TGs of SDOs (e.g. IETF).
      • SDOs will get a number, which they will have to manage.
    • IE ID Manager.
      • Similar issue with external entities wanteing some IEs.
      • 1 ID will be reserved for vendors.
      • All rest will be assigned to external SDOs
    • IE descriptor format
      • problem with LTV. Request to change it to TLV. Rather than break backwards compatiblity, agreed that future formats will.
    • [Paul] Can you confirm that none of the presented changes will break backwards compability?
    • [Pat] Yes.
    • [Qin] Currently 6TiSCH is used using unmanaged, OK?
    • [Pat] Would not, rather IETF IE ID. Will work through 6TiSCH TG to get an ID IE for the IETF. Will assign one, and IETF will manage sub-IDs.
    • [Thomas] IANA would be the natural place in the IETF to manage the IE sub-IDs.
    • [Paul] WiSun has requested some IEs.

      Pascal Pushing discussion about IEEE standards process to next call.

  • [09.01] use cases and ToS bits [Pascal Thubert] [time permitting]

    Pushed to future call.

  • [09.02] AOB [1min]
    • [Thomas] Let's work on MLs for last changes to drafts.

      Action item: all to work through ML for finalizing the drafts before the cut-off date, since there will be very little time left after next week's call to submit the drafts.

  • [09.03] Meeting ends