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Minutes Webex 21 February 2014, 6TiSCH WG

Note: timestamps in PST.

Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Xavi Vilajosana
  2. Dominique Barthel
  3. Pascal Thubert
  4. Thomas Watteyne

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Alaeddine Weslati
  2. Cedric Adjih
  3. Dominique Barthel
  4. Giuseppe Piro
  5. Guillaume Gaillard
  6. Kazushi Muraoka
  7. Kuor Hsin Chang
  8. Maria Rita Palattella
  9. Michael Behringer
  10. Michael Richardson
  11. Nicola Accettura
  12. Pascal Thubert
  13. Pat Kinney
  14. Patrick Wetterwald
  15. Pouria Zand
  16. Qin Wang
  17. Rouhollah Nabati
  18. Sedat Gormus
  19. Tengfei Chang
  20. Thomas Eichinger
  21. Thomas Watteyne
  22. Tom Phinney
  23. Vincent Ladeveze
  24. Xavi Vilajosana



Action Items

  • Presenters to send IETF89 slides to chairs by next call.


  • Administrivia [4min]
    • Approval agenda
    • Approval minutes last call
  • plugfest [25min]
    • agenda and discussion
    • presentation participants [5min each, please coordinate with Xavi]
  • IETF89 [10min]
    • final agenda
    • security discussion
    • skeleton slides London
  • use cases and ToS bits [Pascal Thubert] [15min]
  • AOB [1min]


  • [08.05] Meeting starts
    • recording starts
  • [08.10] Administrivia
    • Approval agenda

      No issues raised. Agenda approved.

    • Approval minutes last call

      No issues raised. Minutes approved.

    • Today is last day for early bird registration for IETF89
    • Thursday March 6th, 9:00-12:00 plugfest - meeting room 1-4
    • Thursday March 6th, 13:00-15:00 WG Meeting - meeting room Buckingham
    • Security discussion held on Tuesday. Minutes published every week. Meeting held every Monday 7-8am PST. This week's security discussion mostly on join latency.
  • [08.15] plugfest [25min]
    • agenda and discussion
      • scheduled 9-12 IETF Thursday
      • we want to leave a lot of time open for implementation and discussion, not a rigid agenda
    • admin
      • [Xavi] proposed agenda:
        • [09.00] Welcome and Initial Instructions
        • [09.05] Minimal 6TiSCH draft oveview
        • [09.15] Participants Pitch (5min per Participant)
        • [09.45] Participants Pitch Tools (5min per Participant)
        • [10.15] Interoperation (Islands)
        • [11.30] Brainstorm, ideas, discussion and wrap up slides for WG meeting
        • [12.00] Acknowledgements and Plugfest End
      • Quick review about the minimal draft at the beginning since used for interop part of plugfest
      • Then people will present what they will demo later
      • Then tools speech
      • Then multiple tables forming islands to make some interop tests
      • 30 min before ending, wrap up slides to present at the WG meeting and brainstorms to improve what we have
      • This is already visible in the plugfest page
      • Around 15 implementers confirmed so far.
      • Thomas: we have pretty large space. We have time to see how the room is
      • [Pascal] People with hardware could come 15-30 minutes in advance to position their hardware.
      • [Thomas] Yes, we should make sure room open a bit before, allowing people to get installed.
    • overview participants
      • [Xavi] Pere Tuset from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, continuing work on SOC based on TI micro-controller. Will start plugfest with 1-hop test, then multihop (RPL).
      • [Nicola] Will show practical scenarios of DeTAS in various topologies, star, binary tree.
      • [Thomas E.] will show OpenWSN/RIOT integration. OpenWSN stack with RIOT scheduler.
      • [Thomas W., Pascal]
        • Joint demo with Backbone Router from Cisco and SmartMesh IP network from Linear Technology (Dust Networks)
        • Thomas gives an overview of the devices that they will be showing.
          • IE3000 Cisco industrial switch implementing draft-thubert-6lowpan-backbone-router-03 and 6LoWPAN ND.
          • SmartMesh IP mesh network
        • A "bridge" device will connect the SmartNesh IP kit with the Cisco switch
        • The bridge will do 6LoWPAN compression and ND (send NS+ARO). Cisco handle ND registrations and sends back NA+ARO.
        • The demo shows that with a very simple interface, a collection of devices can be connected to an industrial switch.
        • Possibility to extend to multiple switches, all motes on single IPv6 subnet.
        • The motes are like any other host in the Internet thanks to the ND proxying the CISCO switch is doing, and the 6LoWPAN support of SmartMesh IP.
        • Will try to place switch to the IETF network and turn on/off a LED on a mote through the IETF network (if allowed by IETF network admin)
      • [Tengfei] Visitin student researcher from University of Science and Technology Beijing at UC Berkeley. Will show OpenWSN running on different platforms (TelosB, GINA, OpenMoteSTM). Implements minimal 6TiSCH draft. Currently working on getting all the platforms to work reliably (especially synchronization).
      • [Thomas] Plugfest is open to all, you don't need to bring hardware to attend. Part of IETF meeting, so you need to register to IETF to be allowed to attend, and the IETF note well applies.
      • [Pascal] Expect the initial presentations useful to many. Will advertise plugfest at 6lo and 6man.
  • [08.30] IETF89
    • final agenda
      • due this Monday
    • security discussion
      • 20 min discussion on security. Walk through to the security requirements. Authorize PCE.
      • Make clear what is the objective of Michael's work.
      • [Pascal] Use the security call on Monday to review that?
      • [Michael R.] Yes, thanks.
      • [Thomas] submit final agenda on monday. need to know if the presentation will be based on a draft that will be submitted soon,
      • [Michael R.] Yes, will submit the draft on IETF Monday.
    • [Michael R.] Will coordinate with Michael B. for order of the presentation in the security slot (a priori 10min each).
    • skeleton slides London
      • template slides in slideset of today's call.
        • title: draft-xxx
        • authors list.
        • give status
        • give changes since IETF88
        • Bitbucket has a master set of slides.
        • [Thomas] Maria Rita already made her slides. Following the template. Thanks!
        • The merge is done by Pascal and Thomas (only send slides to them). Commit the slides as separate files and they will be merged at the last minute
  • [08.45] use cases and ToS bits
    • forwarding bits at L2.
    • Normal track operation: a packet comes in and is forwarded to the right neighbor.
    • Opportunistic track reuse: if an empty slot is detected, this can be reused to forward another packet through another track.
    • Similar work at AVB group on IEEE.
    • Looking for flow identifiers that can work at both L2 and L3.
    • 6TiSCH is using GMPLS, i.e. the label is elided as it is mapped to a in-cell and out-cell.
    • The goal is to agree on a label that can be placed in the packet and it is universal.
    • For example, people have proposed to use multicast MAC addresses that map one to one to an MPLS label.
  • [08.56] AOB [1min]
    • [Thomas] Do we have call next friday?
    • [Pascal] Let's aintain the call with the objective to go through the slides.

      Action item: Presenters to send IETF89 slides to chairs by next call.

  • [09.00] Meeting ends