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Minutes Webex 01 August 2014, 6TiSCH WG

Note: timestamps in PDT.

Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Raghuram Sudhaakar

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Diego Dujovne
  2. Ines Robles
  3. James Pylakutty
  4. Kazushi Muraoka
  5. Nicola Accettura
  6. Pascal Thubert
  7. Pat Kinney
  8. Qin Wang
  9. Raghuram Sudhaakar
  10. Rouhollah Nabati
  11. Sedat Gormus
  12. Thomas Watteyne

Connection details


Action items

  • Diego to start discussion on ML about 6TiSCH session at IETF91.


  • Administrivia [3min]
    • Approval agenda
    • Approval minutes last call
  • IEEE802.15.4 changes (Pat Kinney) [30min]
  • IETF90 summary [20min]
    • LLN plugfest (Ines Robles, Xavi Vilajosana) [10min]
      • overview
      • outcome
      • coverage
    • WG meetings (Thomas Watteyne, Pascal Thubert) [10min]
      • overview
      • outcome
    • Next steps [time permitting]
  • AOB [2min]


  • [08.05] Meeting starts
    • [Pascal] we need a scribe
    • [Raghuram] I can do that
  • [08.06] Administrivia
    • Recording starting
    • Pascal reminds note well
    • reminder: minutes, recording, attendance
    • Pascal presents agenda
    • Approval agenda

      No issues raised. Agenda approved.

    • Approval minutes last call

      No issues raised. Minutes approved.

  • [08.08] IEEE802.15.4 changes (Pat Kinney)
    • chair of standards committee doing revision of 15.4
    • presents TOC
    • comments resolution is ongoing and will offer advise in this regard
    • letter ballot passed
    • SUN PHY, about 60 comments. Some issues left.
    • schedule of revisions, will be a push to get recirculation start by 8/31.
    • Will go through a lot of comments about IEs. Not sure how channel hopping IE works in vendor-independent manner.
    • Security Issues in TSCH being looked at and being modified. Requests comments.
    • [Thomas] requests elaboration
    • [Pat] Comments on using Slot number. security issues related to this.
    • Cites sections being used by TSCH in the new draft.
    • Presents Channel hopping problem. One of the field lengths listed as variable.
    • We need a mechanism that gives determinism. PCA could work but not written specifically for TSCH. This needs to happen.
    • Upper ranges of PIB's not sufficient. Adding an octet to the whole IE.
    • CCA default values are wrong.
    • Presents proposed TSCH-MAC PIB default values
    • [Thomas] Points out issue with default attributed not being identified correctly.
    • [Pat] acknowledges
    • [Pat] Discussed the default value for the timeslot template.
    • [Thomas] Carrying full IPv6 packet is a good idea. There may be headers before that. So 1280 bytes may not be enough.
    • [Thomas] do you consider 868MHz to be same as 915MHz?
    • [Pat] Continues discussion about default values
    • CCA is important problem in EU also. Carrier detect takes more time that energy detect. All amendments need to be consolidated.
    • Discusses issue of wait time causing unfair channel access.
    • Proposed consolidation of detection time
    • [Thomas] needs to be below 802.11 duration
    • [Pat] proposes 23-24us
    • presents CCA threshold values and issues. Flexibility is important.
    • presents IE descriptor format issues.
    • presents clarification of MAC timing terms.
    • [Thomas] is AIFS the new term for macACkWaitDuration?
    • [Pat] acknowledges and confirms.
    • Clarifying when to send Imm-ACK and Enh-ACK.
    • Summarizes: Took on task of clarifying and consolidating all comments and amendments. Tyrell is taking security issues.
    • [Thomas] thanks Pat. Will contact with comments.
  • [08.35] IETF90 summary
    • LLN plugfest (Ines Robles, Xavi Vilajosana) [10min] Ines presents
      • overview: lists participants and presentations at the plugfest
      • outcome:
        • Drafts were presented
        • Interest generated in the area. Good opportunity to look for volunteers and collaborators.
      • coverage:
        • All presentations are recorded and viewable.
        • Listed all presenters and location of recordings
    • [Thomas,Pascal] The plugfest was a great success and has received mentions from various sources including IETF chair.
    • [Pascal] gives 1min overview about flow label draft.
    • [Thomas] 8 teams of presenters. Acknowledges and thanks everyone.
  • [08.45] WG meetings (Thomas Watteyne, Pascal Thubert)
    • Meeting minutes published on bitbucket. Sep 5th is deadline for changes. Requests comments.
    • presents Next steps.
      • language and terminology to be clarified
      • [Pascal] Raises issues about native language of authors and requests native English speaking reviewers.
      • CoAPIE presented. Was received well.
      • Start thinking about how to merge it into other related drafts.
    • [Qin] discused with Carl and juergen about YANG model, got very good feedback about YANG model
    • nobody converts between YANG and CBOR. YANG is a 2D table, with CBOR, they suggest that we need some IETF draft.
    • [Thomas] lots of activity around constrained version of NETCONF called CORECONF. Idea is data model is described in YANG and it can be accessed using CoAP and maybe CBOR.
    • [Thomas] If CORECONF exists, 6TiSCH CoAP draft could be merged with it. Cites other drafts that could also be merged into CORECONF. It will be 1 module for management. Will let the WG know as soon as it is more official.
  • [08.58] AOB
    • Extension for review of COMAN draft. Requests people to review to make sure problem statement is in line with what we want to do.
    • Summer schedule for 6tisch calls. Bi-weekly calls?
    • [Diego] Wants to know if there will be a 6TiSCH session at IETF91 Hawaii.
      • [Pascal] it is still open. Discuss on mailing list.
      • [Thomas] Diego, can you start discussion on ML.

        Action item: Diego to start discussion on ML about 6TiSCH session at IETF91.

  • [09.02] Meeting ends