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Minutes, 6 February 2015 interim, 6TiSCH WG

Note: timestamps in PST.

Connection details

Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Diego Dujovne
  2. Thomas Watteyne
  3. Pascal Thubert

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Pascal Thubert
  2. Thomas Watteyne
  3. Chonggang Wang
  4. Maria Rita Palattella
  5. Michael Richardson
  6. Nicola Accettura
  7. Diego Dujovne
  8. Nicola
  9. Pat Kinney
  10. Patrick Wetterwald
  11. Pouria Zand
  12. Shwetha Bhandari
  13. Zhuo Chen
  14. Malisa Vucinic

Action Items

  • Pascal: to add links on DetNet work
  • Pascal to confirm Shwetha as Shepherd to the terminology draft


  • [07.05] Meeting starts
  • Approval
  • Agenda
  • Minutes last call
  • Updates since last call
  • Thomas presents note-well and IPR BCP, asks approval for agenda and minutes
    • agenda and minutes of previous call approved
    • adding a discussion on rge Routing dispatch draft in prep of ROLL interim
  • Diego summarizes the OTF call that happened on the previous hour
    • text on bitbucket, including issue, people welcome to participate.
  • Architecture draft last call [Pascal Thubert] [20min]
    • half discussion is about the last call (Shwetha]
    • Pascal: Shwetha is shepherd for this document. Not possible to have chairs be shepherd
    • SB: 3 weeks LC started Wednesday; latest version is in good shape
      • we need review comments on the last call. Please review and show support.
    • Pascal: complete the last call on Wed 16. 6TiSCH on the 20th.
    • Pascal: please go through the the draft one last time.
    • Pascal: changes that were made:
      • big change: sec section
      • give overview of what DT has given. Ready. first time publkised in this form
      • number of TBD fixed, stack updated with the latest discussions. CoMI, DetNet. pointers to different work
      • reference to the minimal draft.
      • changes into protocol stack drawing: added CoMi and CCAMP
    • join process discussion. will be using DTLS/DICE. Kept PANA, we have to go through the discussion.
    • if we recharter, we have to refine and detail this in the draft
    • Thomas: Send +1 on ML if agreed
  • Terminology draft [Maria Rita PALATTELLA] [5min]
    • LC two weeks ago. comments comments from Rene and Chonggang
    • wrong slides, delaying to after ETSI discussion
  • IETF 92 meeting request [Thomas Watteyne] [5min]

    • Dallas Coming up 22-27 March
    • today we ask for 6TiSCH time
    • plan to ask for 2h30 morning session, 50 attendees
    • ROLL will not be meeting in Dallas
    • Pascal: Security used a lot of time at past meeting. DetNet lis not asking for a BOF in Dallas.
      • DetNet discussion could be done in 6TiSCH. What about hosting 30min for DetNet?
      • Proposal is a Second Session for unchartered, to-be-chartered items Security (join process), DetNet, OTF.
    • Thomas: big session in Prague
    • Pascal: Still we need to talk about Recharter in Dallas: chartered work, 6top work (track management) + security, new items to charter
    • Diego: agree with 2 sessions
    • Chonggang: about DetNet
    • Pascal: There are multiple DetNet requirement draft (audio/video bridging), automotive, ... architecture
    • Maria-Rita: asks Pascal to send the other drafts to the 6TiSCH ML
    • Action itwem: Pascal to add links to existing DetNet docs (note: added at the top of this report)
    • Thomas: presents the important dates for Dallas. Chairs will call for presentation to the meeting(s)
  • ETSI plugtest [Thomas Watteyne] [5min]

    • Thomas proxying for Miguel
    • Finalizing rooms and test, expecting same hotel as IETF
    • ETSI to issue a call for experts to help on 6TiSCH related standards to write the test specs
    • Thomas: scope: 6tisch-minimal, rpl
    • Michael: ETSI to think about next phase beyond Prague and minimal support
    • Thomas: Yes, planned for Yokohama, e.g. they did 4 sessions for CoAP
    • Michael: this may be soon
    • Thomas: we aim for 10 implementations
  • Terminology draft [Maria Rita PALATTELLA] [5min]*

    • Continued
    • Comments from René and Chonggang
    • Simplify definitions CDU, Chunk...
    • ASN discussion related to security
    • Also added Deterministic network
    • Pascal: that one is touchy, we'll ask for additional review on the text
    • Maria-Rita: OK not to add terms that are not mature Thomas: intermediate version? Maria-Rita: Feedback ML until next call and publish it Pascal: Maria-Rita to post to the ML to remind to read the documents. Shepherding? Shwetha:Shepherd for the Terminology draft. Call on the ML.
  • ROLL interim meeting preparation / discussion [Pascal Thubert] [10min]

    • Pascal: Compression elements on RPL
    • Pascal: presenting new draftr on 6LoRH
      • IP on IP compression
      • Reuse addressing used in mesh header in non-mesh under
    • Pascal: NHC was Pushed back on the bits used for RPL
      • We could extend NHC to IP on IP routing and source routing but not convenient.
      • support other types of host not supporting NHC.
    • proposal has TLVs-> using extensible header
      • very large space for extensions
      • full byte for the type: 256 types
    • Elective tlvs and critical tlvs (understand or drop it)
      • elective type: length expressed in bytes. e.g. don´t know the type, watch the length and skip to the next header.
      • routing header compression: Thomas said we must compress better. put size in hops (1 2,4,8, 16-byte) compress the address
    • Michael: We are discussing 6554.
    • Continue on Tuesday.
    • Thomas: Complement slides?
    • Michael, Pascal: More slides available, all added for Tuesday
  • AOB

    • Chonggang: Requirements, Use case descriptions for OTF and other drafts
    • Pascal: Use Cases for tracks would good to have the draft in DetNet since some tracks are extended over the ethernet (backbone) to reach.
    • DetNet is looking for requirements from other deployments
    • Pascal: For Dynamic Scheduling and OTF, better make a 6TiSCH draft.
    • Chonggang: Interested in participating
  • [08.15] Meeting ends