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OTF update Webex call Feb 6, 2015



  • Maria Rita Palattella (MR)
  • Luigi Alfredo Grieco (AG)
  • Pascal Thubert (PT)
  • Nicola Accetura (NA)
  • Diego Dujovne (DD)


  • Call starts, IETF Note Well is provided and the agenda is proposed and accepted.
  • DD: Explains that the proposed modifications are structured in tickes available at the Bitbucket repo.
  • Ticket # 22
    • DD:Bundles required?
    • PT:Bundle: acquiring a number of cells
    • MR: Number of cells concept from 6top
    • PT: OTF should not care about bundles. Not needed from OTF. A bundle at time only to allocate cells and acquire 6top ownership. Based on 6top-6top negotiation between neighbours: Ask 6top to allocate cells, bundles are managed from 6top
    • AG: Track end to end? Best effort track
    • PT: Track is a layer-2 bundle (layer-2 allocation)
    • PT: Best effort is a layer-3 bundle -> implements layer-3 link
    • DD: Layer-3 bundles.
    • PT: Stochastic layer 3 bundles use better layer-3 links (e.g. increasing number of cells)
    • MR: Best-effort track: All the bundles on the link
    • MR, AG: shared cells Track=00
    • PT: One queue, best effort, virtual track
  • Ticket #24
    • DD: Improvements on the events section
    • AG: Set of conditions and set of actions; encode current events; threshold used with different meanings on events, avoid duplicated events. General format encode implicit OTF events in this format: Meta-description
    • MR: Explicit event as an example
    • AG: OK to include
    • MR: More concrete definitions
    • AG: Keep OTF event-driven
  • Ticket #33
    • DD: LQI and related statistics, overlap with 6top?
    • MR: avoid overlap - 6top already does this
  • Ticket #34
    • DD: Specific (TX or RX) Link option
    • MR: Only look on the transmission point of view
    • AG: transmission cells only
    • AG: Default transmission and bidirectional if needed explicitly
  • DD: Rest of the Tickets summary: Small changes.
  • MR: Summarize tickets on the ML