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Minutes 6TiSCH Security conf call, Tue February 10, 2015, 4.30pm EST

  • note taker: Rene Struik
  • discussion material (referenced in minutes): no posted material


  1. Thomas Watteyne
  2. Michael Richardson
  3. Tero Kivinen
  4. Malisa Vucinic (*)
  5. Kris Pister (*)
  6. Subir Das (*)
  7. Rene Struik

Note: (*) part of the call only.


The suggested updated agenda was approved, after striking out item #2 (on time latency aspects). Instead, we should focus on next steps (as part of AOB).

Suggested agenda: 1. administrativia {agenda bashing/minutes} 1. time latency aspects 1. AOB


The minutes of the previous 6TiSCH security conference call were approved.

AOB ("Next steps")

  • ThW commented that the revised charter for 6TiSCH would include the join protocol, where rechartering would be discussed at the next face-to-face IETF meeting.
  • RS asked participants on the call re agenda items for the calls prior to the IETF-92 meeting in Dallas (March 2015). He suggested as topics to include (a) time latency aspects of the join protocol; (b) implementation aspects; (c) detailed aspects of the join protocol (packet sizes in bits/bytes). MR suggested the architecture text to be finished, including certificate sizes, flows underlying DTLS, overhead/fragmentation. ThW commented that he had discussed some hardware implementation aspects with RS, where he mentioned (for transparency to the group) that he considered TI's CC2538 System on a Chip (Cortex M3) and the CC2520/ARM Core typical platforms that would fit the 6TiSCH target space.
  • Participants agreed that the next three conf calls would focus on the following topics:
    • time latency aspects;
    • implementation aspects, including hardware;
    • packet sizes, e.g., with DTLS.