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Minutes, 08 May 2015 interim, 6TiSCH WG

Note: timestamps in PST.

Connection details


Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Xavi Vilajosana
  2. Pascal Thubert

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Craig Gunther
  2. Dan Romascanu
  3. Diego Dujovne
  4. Maria Rita Palattella
  5. Michael Richardson
  6. Nicola Accettura
  7. Pascal Thubert
  8. Pat Kinney
  9. Pouria Zand
  10. Qin Wang
  11. Rene Struik
  12. Robert Cragie
  13. S.V.R. Anand
  14. Savio Sciancalepore
  15. Sedat Gormus
  16. Shwetha Bhandari
  17. Tero Kivinen
  18. Thomas Watteyne
  19. Xavi Vilajosana
  20. Zuo Chen

Action Items

  • Xavi to suggest new security text. keep in mind the possibility to keep the current code adding only the sentence from Kris about the interop key.
  • Pascal to create an issue on Architecture to indicate informational status
  • Thomas to send a mail to the list on the Prague plugtest and hackathon, including links to registration and must-be-present dates


  • Administrivia [2min]
    • Approval agenda
    • Approval minutes last call
  • consensus on removing 'e' (concerns charter and draft references) [10min]
  • suggestions for draft-ietf-6tisch-architecture [10min]
  • plugtest test plan [10min]
  • 6TiSCH design for DetNet [15min]
  • Security Changes 802.15.4 [10min]
  • AOB [3min]


  • [07.05] Meeting starts
    • recording starts.
  • [07.06] Administrivia
    • Approval agenda
      • adding step to approve security minutes
      • add a discussion on minimal, to wrap up on the text that Kris suggested
    • Pascal proposes to have 15.4 security presentation first,
    • Xavi asks for 3/4min to discuss about next steps on minimal.
    • the order has been approved.
    • Approval minutes last call

      last call minutes are approved.

  • Approval of former security minutes.
  • Minimal draft wrap up on security text
    • Thomas asks if the lack of encryption for K2 is voluntary. Need to check Kris's intention.
    • Xavi takes actions to do
      1. see if there is a typo from copy/paste in K2 in last text sent by Kris.
      2. keys must be cryptographic keys instead of simply referred as Keys.
      3. first MAY to SHOULD (Robert's suggestion)
      4. remove PANID filtering sentence.
    • Robert and Rene still support previous text discussed in dallas and propose to amend it if needed to reach consensus.
  • [07.08] consensus on removing 'e' (concerns charter and draft references)
    • consensus on removing e from the charter
    • some ID reference specific text in specific sections.
      • 2 ideas.
        1. if the text refers to TSCH in general or if the text refers to specific reference
        2. Proposal to use the reference indicating 15.4 as amended by 15.4e .
    • Tero: it is very difficult to narrow down when there are multiple amendments. In case of a particular reference is needed add reference to the particular section an number with the section name.
    • Pascal: Suggest to move 4e specific text to appendix so that main text stays valid after 2015
    • Pat : supports an email that suggested an example
    • Xavi: that would not break the document I want it easy to read
    • Tero: support the idea of example
    • Pascal supports the idea of having examples and move them to an annex. In that way the document will be able to refer to generic 15.4 and have the examples point to the particular std.
    • Rene: asks if the TSCH draft that is in last call should also be reviewed. As it is "touching" information from the 15.4 std.
    • TW: It is not needed as the draft is a high level overview.
  • suggestions for draft-ietf-6tisch-architecture
    • description of 6tisch vision and produce 6tisch network architecture. Different architecture blocks. Includes the blocks in the network, e.g 6lowpan, RPL, etc..
    • Kris vision seems to be a document the architecture in a broader sense and how drafts glue together.
    • Pascal: supports the idea but this should be a short welcome document.
    • ACTION: Pascal to create an issue in the data tracker so archi it becomes informational.
  • [07.48] plugtest test plan
    • First draft exchanged on the ML.
    • Feedback from MR and already integrated
    • list of test almost ready. TO be finalized soon.
    • Hackathon also at IETF93. Is a working session
    • Qin interested on showing 6top sublayer and monitoring.
    • Savio to present on security.
    • Plugtest and hackaton at the same time. Both are compatible.
  • [07.??] 6TiSCH design for DetNet
    • moved to next call
  • [07.54] Security Changes 802.15.4
    • Tero presents the task done at 15.4 scm maintenance group.
    • Mentor is like datatracker at IETF
    • members can submit stuff and anybody can download stuff
    • security excerpt already available.
    • corrections made
      • incoming frames can be secure and not secure
      • separation of the state machines so things are more clear
      • clear specification of which parts of the packet are encrypted and which are not.
      • removed things:
        1. MAC command identifier is now encrypted not in clear. The payload IEs before it is encrypted.
        2. in old frame types will be in clear.
        3. remove 5-octet frame counters stored in a frame.
        4. removed encrypt only security
        5. removed short address from TSCH nonce.
    • TW: If only long addresses is used this requires nodes to learn the long addresses of all its neighbors. this is very expensive.
    • PAT: forward the XXXXX mail to clarify this topic
    • Added:
      1. Ability to specify which IEs the mAC layer will act on.
      2. state machine in two pieces
      3. provided state machine pictures.
  • [08.09] AOB
    • MR and Diego. Overlapp and the plugtest and the hackaton.
    • Plugtest is formal requires to register.
    • Hackaton is more informal
    • Check with ETSI the format and what presence is needed for each participants.
    • Plugtest requires REGISTRATION. Deadline end of MAY. Everybody that wants to attend MUST register.
  • Meeting ends