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Minutes, 23 October 2015 interim, 6TiSCH WG

Note: time are PST

Meeting info

Taking notes (using Etherpad)

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Action Items

  • Pascal to check coexistence in the charter to be taken into account.

  • Diego to include chunks discussion in the SF0 draft related to the use of container.

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Thomas Watteyne
  2. Pascal Thubert
  3. Call-in User_3?
  4. Dan Garcia
  5. Diego Dujovne
  6. Giuseppe Piro
  7. Malisa Vucinic
  8. Maria Rita Palattella
  9. Michael Richardson
  10. Michel Weillette
  11. Nicola Accettura
  12. Pat Kinney
  13. Paventhan Arumugam
  14. Qin Wang
  15. Rafa Marin-Lopez
  16. S.V.R. Anand
  17. Savio Sciancalepore
  18. Tengfei Chang
  19. Tom Phinney
  20. Xavi Vilajosana
  21. YL??
  22. Zhuo Chen


  • Administrivia [3min]
    • Agenda bashing
    • Approval minutes from last meeting
  • Rechartering [10min]
    • charter text
    • work items and milestones
  • new activity in the join process [5min]
  • draft-wang-6tisch-6top-sublayer [10min]
  • draft-dujovne-6tisch-6top-sf0 [10min]
  • draft-thubert-6tisch-tracks [5min]
  • Preparing for IETF94 Yokohama [10min]
    • draft agenda
    • recommended formats and slides
  • AOB [2min]



  • [07.05] Meeting starts
    • Recording starts
    • [Thomas] states IETF Note Well
  • [07.06] Administrivia
    • Agenda bashing

      agenda approved. No issues raised

    • Approval minutes from last meeting

      minutes are approved. No issues raised

  • [07.07] Rechartering
    • charter text
      • the text for the new charter is stable
      • the text has been communicated to Brian Haberman (AD), waiting for reply
    • work items and milestones
      • Produce 6tisch architecture
      • 6top sublayer mechanisms
      • 6top SF
      • Secure 6tisch network bootstrap
      • produce requirements to detnet
      • [Zhuo] points that has been a lot of discussion w.r.t handling IP traffic (Sched. Function).
      • [Pascal] we want to focus on something we can produce. Non-IP traffic is PCE and we are not addressing that right now.
      • [Zhuo] a track should consist of several cells in different node schedules. This is part of the architecture
      • [Pascal] We do not support MPLS in this instance of the charter.
      • [Pat] could it be a compromise here. Like adding a "coma" saying ",not precluding any traffic."
      • [Pascal] clarifies that in the current charter there is a sentence that indicates that the current work is not advanced enough to focus on that topic but nothing prevents it.
      • [Pat] non-ip traffic, requiring some time slots. Should we work with the PCE then if we want non ip slots?
      • [Thomas]the allocation of a track is orthogonal to the mechanism. Zhuo can you clarify what you mean non-IP traffic?
      • [Zhuo] what happens if we create a hard cell track using the PCE and then we have 6top allocating soft cells on it. Would that be IP traffic? (CHECK THAT THIS IS WHAT HE SAID)
      • [Pat] How to coexist with other ... -- can we add a sentence to indicate that coexistence.
      • [Pascal]: architecture covers that with Chunks.

        Action item: Pascal to check coexistence in the charter to be taken into account.

  • [07.22] new activity in the join process

    • slides presented by Michael

      • we have 6top that will be present in any 6tisch network. It communicates 2 neighbors. * Can we leaverage it for security?
    • challenge: auth the network. Does the node join to the right network?

    • Future work: anima WG chartered. Lot of input to the 6tisch join sec. process.
    • Zigbee IP EAP-TLS + PANA
    • lots of fragmentation.
    • Thread Group is similar to the proposals of 6tisch released during 2015.
    • Suggestion: determine if the Thread group wont work. Propose changes if necessary.
    • [Thomas] Is there any relation between thread and anima?
    • [Michael] does not know.
    • [07.36] draft-wang-6tisch-6top-sublayer

    • Xavi: published v03 defines the cell negotiation protcol

    • uses 6P to install remove cells

    • does not say how the scheduling function decides

    • Uses/ expects IETF IE

    • [Pat]: The IETF IE should not be named 6top since there is one for whole IETF

    • [Thomas]: we need to describe in a small doc how split the IE for new features
    • [Xavi]: there is a section that discusses the liaison with IEEE to get this moving
    • [Thomas]: we are waiting for reviews by Yokohama, encourage support (or not) on the ML
    • [07.43] draft-dujovne-6tisch-6top-sf0
    • [Thomas]: sf0 is conplementary draft
    • [Diego] this is sequel to OTF draft defines a scheduling function

    • Procedure has 3 steps (see slides)

    • goal define the scheduling functions

    • named SF0 (Scheduling Function 0)
    • 3 steps:
      • monitor the traffic
      • estimate the bw required
      • determine the # cells to be allocated
    • Rules
    • [Pascal] need to restrict the set of cells we pick cells from in case we are using cells
    • [Thomas] +1
    • [Diego] +1. Something we forgot
    • [Thomas] creates
    • container in 6top is used to allocate cells in a slotframe, chunk, etc,, can be any
    • the sf0 should use that container to define the meaning of the allocation (e.g when allocating a cell in a chunk).
    • [07.56] draft-thubert-6tisch-tracks
    • Slides presented by Pascal
    • what tracks are in 6tisch
  • [07.59] Preparing for IETF94 Yokohama

    • draft agenda
    • recommended formats and slides
  • [08.01] AOB No Other B. Is there going to be an interop in Yokohama? No. The interop will in Paris 2nd-4th Feb. No interin call in two weeks from now.

  • [08.??] Meeting ends