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Agenda, 2 March 2018 interim, 6TiSCH WG

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  1. Thomas Watteyne
  2. Pascal Thubert
  3. Diego Dujovne
  4. Emilio Garbano
  5. Fabrice Theoleyre
  6. Jonathan Munoz
  7. Lotte Steenbrink
  8. Malisa Vucinic
  9. Michael Richardson
  10. Mitsuru Kanda
  11. Qin Wang
  12. Rodrigo Teles
  13. Simon Duquennoy
  14. Xavi Vilajosana
  15. Yasuyuki Tanaka
  16. Yichao Jin

Taking notes

  1. Xavi Vilajosana (during meeting)
  2. Thomas Watteyne (after meeting, cleaning up and publishing)

For IETF 101

  • we need to have a technical discussion about ASF
  • fragmentation DT discussion will happen at 6lo, not sure for how long (waiting for input from 6lo chairs)
  • a priori no remote presentations, all authors will in London

Action Items

  • authors to published revisions by cut-off
  • Pascal to make sure draft-thubert-6lo-fragment-recovery appears as updating draft-thubert-6lo-forwarding-fragments in the datatracker
  • Thomas to move draft-chang-6tisch-msf to "Candidate for WG adoption"


  • admin [5min]
  • IETF 101 prep [50min]
    • draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-protocol
    • draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal-security
    • draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-sfx
    • draft-chang-6tisch-msf
    • draft-duquennoy-6tisch-asf
    • draft-ietf-6tisch-terminology
    • draft-vilajosana-6tisch-globaltime
    • draft-watteyne-6lo-minimal-fragment
    • draft-thubert-6lo-fragment-recovery
    • draft-ietf-6lo-rfc6775-update
    • 6tisch-roll-join-priority
    • draft-papadopoulos-6tisch-pre-reqs
    • draft-richardson-6tisch-minimal-rekey
    • draft-richardson-6tisch-enrollment-enhanced-beacon is replacement for draft-richardson-6tisch-join-enhanced-beacon
    • draft-richardson-6tisch-roll-enrollment-priority is really for ROLL WG.
  • Any Other Business [5min]


  • [07:04] meeting starts
  • [07:05] admin
    • let's discuss strategy for London meeting
    • No issues raised for last call minutes
    • Agenda approved
    • Monday night is cut-off date
    • Remote presentation is possible. This has to be asked to Pascal/Thomas
    • goal of the WG meeting is to discuss issues with the drafts, not to present the draft
  • [07:08] draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-protocol
    • almost ready to publish v10 addressing Brian, Alex and Lotte comments.
    • Answers will also be sent to the ML responding their concerns.
    • [Qin] Nicola made some comments on ML, but look like proposal, no a review
    • Action item: Xavi to go through Nicola's comments and provide responses to Lotte and Nicola; Xavi also to publish before the cut-off.
  • [07:14] draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal-security
    • looking for a 10min presentation in London.
    • new mechanism and normative reference
    • added a parameter to the join request message that carries the Network ID.
    • This enables the JRC to manage multiple networks.
    • will ask for WGLC in London
  • [07:20] draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-sfx
    • push it to WG last call as experimental.
    • 2 editorial issues that need to be fixed before WGLC.
    • FiX the TODOs in the document.
    • publish -01 by cutoff date. Present the draft in London.
    • need 5 min
  • [07:21] draft-chang-6tisch-msf
    • received review from Yatch
    • -01 published today
    • Older review from Municio also incorporated
    • Ask for adoption in London. Call for adoption period
    • switch it to candidate for WG adoption now
    • fixed errors and minor changed
    • need 5-10 min
  • [07:25] draft-duquennoy-6tisch-asf
    • -01 published today
    • introduces several changes.
    • creates a simple schedule based on the mac address of the neighbors
    • the new draft defines how configurations are disseminated in the network
    • adds support for traffic bursts by supporting dynamic cell addition
    • the hash function has been made configurable, before was only SAX
    • [Thomas] we need a discussion in London about whether this is a standalone SF, or these are components that can be added to other SFs.
    • 15min time for discussion.
  • [07:25] draft-ietf-6tisch-terminology
    • updated the terminology.
    • new definitions from minimal security
    • some editorial work.
    • 10 seconds in London? list it only in the agenda and comment about it in the introduction.
    • [Pascal] discuss if we need to find an editor to replace Maria Rita?
  • [07:30] draft-vilajosana-6tisch-globaltime
    • new work, already one review from Thomas
    • maybe -01 that can be published during IETF 101
    • 5min maybe, not a long time
  • [07:35] draft-watteyne-6lo-minimal-fragment
    • presented at 6lo
    • need to coordinate with Carsten draft on lwig
    • 4 comments from Yatch: the main one is ordering of the fragments/packets. it is unclear in the draft. In some text its assuming that the fragments are in order, but it can be out of order.
    • it is happening in different WGs, 6lo, lwig, etc.
  • [07:41] draft-thubert-6lo-fragment-recovery
    • replaces fragment forwarding
    • need to update the tools. Then forwarding fragments is replaced by this one.
    • simulation fragment forwarding. Results will be presented at the IETF.
  • [07:45] draft-ietf-6lo-rfc6775-update
    • this draft passed last call and is in the IESG. There are several comments.
    • field in the ARO option URI64. It was used to recognize a device coming back to the registration.
    • the scope of the field has changed.
    • 6CIO, option in RFC7400 is a bitmap of flags where you indicate capabilities.
    • Should we deprecate EUI64 in the ARO option for a node to register? Use IP-ND instead as it uses crypto and provides better security.
    • will be presented at 6lo.
  • [07:53] 6tisch-roll-join-priority and draft-richardson-6tisch-enrollment-enhanced-beacon is replacement for draft-richardson-6tisch-join-enhanced-beacon
    • [Michael] needs to be discuss at 6tisch. Is ROLL who has to provide inputs to what has to be inserted in the EBs.
  • [07:55] draft-richardson-6tisch-minimal-rekey
    • put it in the side for now.
    • we might need something from minimal security.
    • will let it expire.
  • [07:55] draft-papadopoulos-6tisch-pre-reqs
    • no entry in the agenda for it. Unless we have 10min at the end
    • to generate interest and get people to participate
  • [08:00] draft-richardson-6tisch-roll-enrollment-priority is really for ROLL WG.
  • [08:00] summary (Thomas)
    • organize a side meeting to discuss, there are rooms available.(Codelounge area,
    • coding is also permitted there
    • Malisa, side meeting on F-Interop platform, with OSCORE implementers to get minimal-security related implementation. For implementors of OSCOAP, and minimal-security.
  • [08:06] meeting ends