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Noah Simon
created an issue

In AAOv5, there was a way to choose custom colors, and they would be forever saved for use at any time in the editor. In AAOv6, you have to find the hexadecimal or the HTML name and enter it yourself.

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  1. Enthalpy

    More specifically, you're asking for a custom-text-color-selection GUI, which would be great to have.

    The first question: Where do we put this in the editor? My instinct is to put a button to an editor window on the frame-toolbox minieditor as a new line under the pre-existing colors.

  2. Kwando

    I'm sure there's some sort of API that we can use that extends this behaviour for IE and Safari users...

    Quickly googling, I found this, which looks to be quite promising...

  3. Arnaud Vié

    To be honest, I think simply using the HTML5 input is good.

    Our two main target browsers, Firefox and Chrome, support it already; the others will just fall back to a basic text input where they fill the colour code by hand, which is equivalent to what we have today in V6 (where you even have to type the colour tag inlcuding the code code by hand). So in almost no time and without any code maintainance implications on our end, we have a perfect experience on modern browsers, and functional one in old browsers, that's a good bet for me.

    If we really want to add support for old browsers, then I would go for a simple polyfill which does not require any change to our code; something like if it works as advertised.

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