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SplineTools / EditorRoadNode

The EditorRoadNode script is attached to nodes that belong to a spline of type "Road".


  • Next node: The nextnode the spline needs to connect to. If this node is the last node in the spline, leave this option empty.
  • Segments: The amount of segments the road spline is made out of. A higher number results in a smoother curve. The higher the number the more work it costs for the game to render.
  • Create shape: If checked the roads get a shape created for them.
  • Road width: The width of the road segments
  • place on terrain: On start up the road nodes are placed on the terrain. This happens before the road gets generated.
  • Terrain Y Offset: The amount the terrain is placed below the road segments.
  • Adjust terrain: Raises or carves the terrain.
  • Adjusting margin: When the "Adjust terrain" options above is checked, the terrain next to the road gets raised/lowered to the same height as the road. The higher this value, the more terrain is being adjusted.
  • Road material: The material for a road. TIP: This could also be a water material to create rivers.
  • Side geometery: Whether extra geometry should be created.
    • None: no extra geometry
    • Banks: Banks are slopes on both sides of the road. This is usefull for when you want to make sure a user can't look below the road.
    • Sidewalk: Not working yet. Depending on demand if it gets added.
  • Bank offset: The position of the banks. By default the banks lower then the road, but can just as well be higher.
  • Bank material: For the banks you can set a separate material. The example below shows how it should be created. The texture is 256 x 1024 (or a similar ratio) and display how it would be a applied to the left bank. For the right bank the image is automatically reversed. The left side represent terrain and the right side represent the road.