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SplineTools / EditorSplineFollower

This script is attached to an entity that needs to follow a spline.


  • Spline entity: Link the spline entity here which holds information about the spline. This linked spline entity requires the EditorSpline.lua script in order to work.
  • Speed: A splinefollower travels across the spline on a give speed. This speed can be altered as desired during flight.
  • UsePhysics: If checked the splinefollower is positioned and/or rotated by physics. Be cearefull with multiple splinefollowers on the same spline as they can push each other out of the way.
  • RotationMode: Determines if and how rotation is applied to the splinefollower.
    • None: No rotation
    • Node rotation: The nodes themselves have a custom set rotation. The rotation of the splinefollower interpolates from 1 node to the next.
    • Spline rotation: The rotation is automatically done by pointing the entity to the spline on the forward axis.
  • DestroyOnEnd: If checked the spinefollower entity is destroyed once it reaches the end of the Spline.