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SplineTools / Example maps

The SplineTools package comes with severall example maps


  • Demonstrates the usage of the spline follower events PathEndReached and NodeReached
  • Rotation based on nodes .map: Demonstrates how splinefollowers rotates from 1 node's rotation to another.
  • Rotation based on Demonstrates how splinefollowers align to the spline during flight.
  • Demonstrates how a camera attached to a spline can focus on 1 specific point during flight.
  • Demonstrates how a camera can move through the scenery on a path, while using the mouse to freely look around.
  • Demonstrates how to get the closest point on a spline as well as making a splinefollower go in reverse.
  • Easing in and Demonstrates how to make use of splinefollower easing in and out.


  • Options: Demonstrates the various road creation options.
  • Long road: Demonstrates a longer road.


  • Electric poles: Demonstrates creating wires with and without static physics.
  • Tireswing: Experimental map that demonstrates creating dynamic wires with joints.


  • River: Demonstrates how a river can be created.