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SplineTools / Getting started

Download the SplineTools package from steam.

  1. All scripts, examples, materials are located in a single folder.
  2. Place this folder in your project's "scripts" folder.
  3. Include SplineTools in your project code.
    1. Attach the SplineTools\SplineTools.lua to an entity in your scene. or
    2. Or import the Scripts\SplineTools\EditorSplineTools.lua in your main.lua using
import "Scripts\SplineTools\EditorSplineTools.lua"

SplineTools folder The spline tools folder consist out of the following:

  • EditorScripts: Contains usefull Editor sccript that you can attach to entities in your map. These are not just spline related tools, but also helper scripts like Free camera, Spectator, Camera lookat and a spawner script.
  • Functional: Contains the core scripts of the spline tools.
  • ExampleMaps: Contains all example maps demonstrating spline types and specific options and scenarios.
  • Materials: Materials used by prefabs and some example materials for roads.
  • Prefabs: Contains prefabs used by the ExampleMaps.
  • Models: Contains prefabs used by the ExampleMaps.
  • ReadMe: Small info file containing change notes, links to documentation and bug tracker.

Now that you have imported it, why not make a cool spline?