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Proxy Tools v3.0 for AutoCAD

Sometimes, AutoCAD users can't move or copy some objects in the drawing or between the drawings. Often the reason of such behavior is the proxy objects and proxy entities which are stored in the drawing database. It means that either the additional libraries are to be loaded into AutoCAD for working with them, or the proxy are to be exploded and removed. AutoCAD doesn't provide the commands for exploding and removing proxy. Proxy Tools for AutoCAD provides it.

If proxy was created by AutoCAD vertical applications then you can download and install the necessary Object Enablers through the Autodesk web page If proxy was created by other company then you can download and install the necessary Object Enabler through that company's site.

If you don't want to install necessary Object Enablers, then you maybe want to explode and remove the proxy in your drawing. You can do it through Proxy Tools for AutoCAD.

Proxy Tools for AutoCAD was written by Andrey Bushman. This is the .NET tools for working with AutoCAD proxy objects and proxy entities. This decision is based on other, earlier existing decision by Alexander Rivilis which were published on the page (C++ code sources). Thus appearance of Proxy Tools for AutoCAD in many respects is obliged to Alexander Rivilis. Therefore Proxy Tools for AutoCAD is freeware software.

Pay attention that Proxy Tools for AutoCAD is not the same code like Alexander Rivilis'es decision, therefore their work differs, for example - the XPROXY and RMPROXY commands launch the _AUDIT _Y command before and after their work. Also, the commands set and their names in Proxy Tools differ from commands set and their names which are present in Alexander Rivilis'es decision (more compact names are set). Proxy Tools for AutoCAD contains English and Russian menu (CUI\CUIX) and the localized help files.

After installing you can find it in the program menu:


Also you can use its user interface in AutoCAD:


Help file:



If you want to use Alexander Rivilis'es decision instead of Proxy Tools for AutoCAD then you can download it through the link.

##WARNING## You are to uninstall the previous versions of this extension before install it. Proxy Tools for AutoCAD can be installed with or without admin rights (it depends on user's choose during installation):