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Proxy Tools v3.0 for AutoCAD

  1. CadProxy was renamed to Proxy Tools for AutoCAD.

  2. It is Freeware now instead of Open source.

  3. Freeware License was added (Russian and English localizations).

  4. Russian localization was added.

  5. For AutoCAD 2009-2011: while the loading occurs the new record (the parent directory of the bundle) will be added into the Support File Search Path if it is absent still.* It is necessary for the help file using.

  6. For AutoCAD 2009-2011: the registration info will be added into the registry (loading at user's request) if it was not done still.* Therefore the _NETLOAD command is necessary only once for these AutoCAD versions.

  7. The audit operation will be done each time before the proxy exploding or removing if the xproxy or rmproxy command not be launched as the previous command. Also audit will be done at the end of these commands.

  8. If CUI\CUIX menu files was loaded before (by user) in AutoCAD from the extension directory then they will be unloaded, copied into the Windows-profile of current user and these copies will be loaded.*

  9. The images of CUI\CUIX menu files was replaced. Now the images use ICO format instead of BMP in the CUI\CUIX menu files (new images use transparency).

  10. MNR-files was removed from MSI-installer.

  11. MSI installer was rewritten completely. Now it shows the license, features and provides the fixed set of variants for the target directory.

  12. There are two localized MSI-installers exist now: English and Russian.

  13. Installer adds the menu in the Start -> All Programs for the extension. Localization of that menu will be the same like MSI-installer localization.

  14. Now 32-bit version of MSI-installer can't be used for Windows x64 (this restriction is added specially).

  15. Now the extension can be installed with or without admin rights. It depends on user's choose which he done during the installation.

  16. Help file was rewritten completely.

  17. Some bugs was fixed.

* - It will be checked each time when the extension will be loading in AutoCAD.

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