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t3lephant makes necessary system records in TYPO3, which are required to be stored in database, deployable.

The problem

First of all, you need to know that TYPO3 requires some system records in database, to run websites properly. When you install a blank TYPO3 e.g. and call the frontend you get an exception, that no page is existing. When you create the first page, you get another exception, that no template has been found.

And when you are working with different environments, which have usually different URLs, you need to think about to adjust the sys_domain records, everytime you mirror the live database to your dev/staging environment.

TYPO3 enables us to source TypoScript out to files, but the previously mentioned requirements (pages, sys_template, sys_domain) are stored in database. This makes it very hard to deploy those informations to other environments.

The solution

t3lephant provides a solution to fetch these system records right in backend of TYPO3, so you are able to write them to files and versionize them.

Because the registration of your dumps happens in PHP you also are able to register different dumps for different environments. So you can t3lephant let add a sys_domain record with e.g. for the live site, but the same "Perform updates" button creates in dev environment a different sys_record with e.g. projectname.local.

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