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lightning-python / Building Lightning Python

Lightning Python provides two forms of code for interested parties: simple patches to be applied to Python source distributions and pre-patched source code for Python releases.


The Lightning Python repository is laid out in a simple manner. At first glance, one will notice that there are two directories in the master branch: Patches and OWbuild. The OWbuild directory, named to mirror Python's PCbuild directory, contains the Open Watcom projects and targets necessary for building Python. The Patches directory contains patch files for individual releases and the current default CPython development branch. The development branch patch isn't updated with every commit, but it should be reasonably up to date at any given time.


The Lightning Python repository also contains a branch for each Python release starting at 3.4. These branches contain the pre-patched source code of Python that can be built directly by Open Watcom. These branches save users the step of patching Python.