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What is OCRSync?

This is a tool intended to simplify (and automate), the process of checking and downloading for new OCReMixes. The final goal is to always stay synchronized with the musical repository with a few clicks (or no clicks at all).

What do I need to run OCRSync?

Not much. A computer with GNU/Linux and python installed. You will need this modules installed in your system: BeautifulSoup, feedparser, requests, progressbar. You can install those with pip install -r requirements.txt

Is there support for other systems?

This program it's written in python, which is cross-platform. Therefore, there should be no problems if you try to run OCRSync in Win, Mac, or other platform (if python supports it).

Is it possible to run the program without having to install anything else?

Yes, it is. There are standalone executables built for that purpose in the dist folder.

Why OCRSync starts downloading from the OverClocked ReMix No. 3001?

That's because this tool is meant to assist the download of the remixes that are not added to the torrent files. So if you want to have the complete collection, you should download these files separately.

You just said you want to automate the process ... Do the torrents are not also part of the same?

Indeed. It has been considered for future versions to add a wizard to download the torrent files within the same program. If you have any suggestions for this part of the program, you can leave as a proposal in the issues section.

Will there be multilingual support in the future?

Yes. Long answer: "Yes, in the future".

I wonder, how OCRSync works?

Excellent question, kiddo. There's a lot of stuff going on behind scenes, but let keep things simple:

  1. First, it checks for the last OverClocked ReMix available through RSS.
  2. If the number of the last song is equal to the previously saved by the program, then we are synchronized, so that we don't need to download anything. If not so, then OCRSync calculates how many songs we need, and proceeds to download them.
    1. The program prepares the download, getting first the MD5 of the file and the download links of the song.
    2. OCRSync randomly selects a link. In order to show the progress of the download, it fetches the head of the file to know how much information it needs.
    3. Now the program has all the information needed to proceed to download the OverClocked ReMix.
  3. The above cycle is repeated until OCRSync have downloaded all the songs required to be fully synchronized.

I can't run this darn thing!

Well, did you check if the file has execute permissions?

I get a /usr/bin/env: python2: No such file or directory error when i'm trying to execute the file. Why is this?

That's because you don't have python2 installed in your system. But, worry not, young lad. You can still try to run the program by typing python on a console, or ultimately, by changing the shebang for #!/usr/bin/env python.

This thing still doesn't work!

If you found a bug, please report the issue. Screenshots and versions of dependencies installed will be appreciated.

Are you associated with OCReMix?

Nope. Our goal is not to associate with OverClocked ReMix, or take advantage of their image. We believe we are under the legal framework of "fair use." If you do not think so, please let us know in breadmaker in radiognu dot org.

Wait a second! Dou you guys are profiting from this?

Not at all. This is a experimental proof-of-concept that tries to kill two birds with one stone. First, personally, learn to program properly in python, and second, to provide a tool that I think will be useful to more than one.

Erhm... Do you have a language disorder, or you are dysgraphic, or something like that?

Ahem... No... It's just... I'm not a native speaker, that's all. Now that you ask, if you want to improve this wiki (or any part of the program), you can always clone the repository and then make a Pull Request.