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AspectFaces / 7.3.Field-Wrapping

Imagine a situation when you build a form and you want to place above a given field a separator, text, or even a panel spanning among multiple fields. For example, you may want something like this:

Desired UI

<p:panel header="Group of emails">

<p:panel header="Group of VOIPs">

The first option is to use a custom layout. The second option is @UiBefore and @UiAfter. Both annotations allow you to expose its internal properties type, value, and title.

Applying before and after

Example annotation

@UiBefore(type = "panel", title = "Group of emails")
public String getEmail() { return email; }

@UiAfter(type = "panel")
public String getEmailAlternate() { return emailAlternate; }

@UiBefore(type = "panel", title = "Group of VOIPs")
public String getSkype() { return skype; }
@UiAfter(type = "panel")
public String getGtalk() { return gtalk; }

This exposes to the context virtual fields between the physical fields of type Insert that can be mapped in the AF mapping profile (*.config.xml)

Mapping profile

  <default tag="emptyTag.xhtml" />
  <condition expression='${not empty before and before.type.equals("panel")}' tag="beforeTag.xhtml"/>
  <condition expression='${not empty  after and  after.type.equals("panel")}' tag="afterTag.xhtml" />

Consider these sample templates

Sample beforeTag.xhtml

<p:panel header="$before.value.title$">

Sample afterTag.xhtml


which produces exactly what we wanted at first place.