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Daikatana 1.3 / Tips

Some Tips for playing Daikatana

Dealing with Turrets

In the first levels you will encounter some turrets. They can (and should) be deactivated by blowing up the control boxes (or however they might be called). Destroying the turrets without blowing up the control boxes will not gain you any experience points:

Blow these up!

Eat berries to regain some health

In the first few levels there are plants with berries that can be eaten (aim at them and press your "Use/Operate" key) to heal yourself:


Use the skill system to get tougher

Every once in a while you will get the ability to "Level Up" one of your skills. An arrow and the text "LEVEL UP!" will appear next to the skill bar on the left of the HUD:


With your "HUD Next" and "HUD Prev" keys you can select the skill to update. Pressing the "HUD Use" key will upgrade the currently selected skill.

The following skills are available:

  • POWER: Upgrading this skill will increase the damage your weapons do per shot/hit/swing.
  • ATTACK: Upgrading this skill will increase the firing rate of the weapons.
  • SPEED: Upgrading this skill will increase how fast you can move.
  • ACRO (acrobatics): Upgrading this skill will improve your jumping ability.
  • VITALITY: Upgrading this will increase your maximum health.

I found especially VITALITY and POWER very useful in the beginning.

C4 Explosives

The C4 weapon can be used to toss the mines in midair and pressing 3 again when the C4 is the current selected weapon will make any active C4s explode. Similar to the remote watch mines in Goldeneye. Tossing the C4s in the air and detonating it simultaneously can give you an advantage against flying enemies in Episode 1 and really piss of your foes in Deathmatch!

Walkthroughs and Guides

If you're still having trouble you can always grab the following walkthroughs:

  • Daikatana IGN Walkthrough in PDF format here.
  • Daikatana GameSpot Walkthrough in PDF format here.
  • An excellent guide by Dekonega is availabe here.

Activate Console

Start Daikatana with +console 1 as additional arguments.

Ingame you can open it with ^ or ` (that key below Esc) on Windows (and some keyboard layouts on Linux) or Shift + Esc on Linux (all keyboard layouts).