always timeout of oxTs 2500.

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leon@ubuntu:~/catkin_ws$ rosrun oxford_gps_eth gps_node 
[ INFO] [1510912919.866936081]: Preparing to listen on port 3000
[ INFO] [1510912919.867017342]: fd: 9
[ INFO] [1510912919.867039398]: return true
[ INFO] [1510912919.870539615]: ----come in-----
[ INFO] [1510912919.900770767]: return timeout
[ INFO] [1510912919.931133317]: return timeout
[ INFO] [1510912919.962440117]: return timeout

hi, I print the info if only set port 3000, not set IP. because the equipment's host ip is advertisement address, i add print info into code, and it always print timeout, at below code:

    if (select(fd + 1, &fds, NULL, NULL, &tv) > 0) {
      socklen_t socklen = source_ptr ? sizeof(*source_ptr) : 0;
      socklen_t *socklen_ptr = source_ptr ? &socklen : NULL;
      return recvfrom(fd, data, size, 0, source_ptr, socklen_ptr);

    // Timeout
    return 0;

screenshot as above. is this some issue?

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  1. asimay

    my screenshot:

    1. ip showed from enginuity:


    1. when launch from vmware ubuntu 16.04, error:


    1. check ip and ping, is right:



  2. Kevin Hallenbeck

    It looks like listening to a specific IP address is not working. For now, do not specify an IP address. This will listen to port 3000 on all IP addresses. Unless you have multiple devices, this shouldn't be a problem.

  3. asimay

    hi, dear, I removed the IP setting, and it hanged on waiting for message, if I opened enginuity, the driver code is outputting data immediately, but if I turn off the enginuity, the driver code also stop output and hanged on waiting, what's the issue? It seems the port didn't really open if didn't open enginuity software...


    it seems oxTs output IP address is an advertisement address, so how to designate a detailed IP address to oxTs? is it must be set to 195.0.0.* ??

  4. asimay

    very strange..

    1. why oxford's port is 3000, but connect to 5001??


    1. if set ip and port to 5001, it is error.


  5. asimay

    and in vmware ubuntu, it is hard to connect the oxts. I don't know why. ip can ping through each other.

  6. Kevin Hallenbeck
    1. The sensor is sending UDP packets from to Because the destination is a broadcast address, your computer receives the packets on it's IP address
    2. It is failing to listen on port 5001 for packets from The failure is not from port 5001. The failure is because setting a specific IP address is not working right now.
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